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Brush your Teeth, Make the Coffee, Walk the Dog
Socialist Film Maker, Michael Moore, Can End the Trump Carnage! By Andrew Ryan

Socialist Film Maker, Michael Moore, Can End the Trump Carnage! By Andrew Ryan

Michael Moore? I don’t know why a man (and I don’t want to presume anything about gender here) was there to address the Women’s March on Washington DC, especially a “white” man, and therefore full of white privilege, but he did:

Maybe he earned his place at the table of saints, alongside the Madonna, by proclaiming that women (i.e. white women) who voted for Trump are “victims” of deep ingrained “misogyny and sexism,” and thus totally devoid of any free agency, rational thought and evaluation:

Mike, can’t you get it right? When are you giving the holy litany of “misogyny and sexism” you have got to add “racism” in as well, to keep the rhythm. How could you have forgotten that? Socialist, up!

Moore proclaimed: “We are here to vow to end the Trump carnage.” Carnage? Look, I understand that the big socialist guy is angry, even upset, but if you want to bring Trump and co down, you have to hit them real hard. Forget about blowing up buildings, as Madonna wet dreams about. Forget about setting yourself on fire – because that is politically incorrect, causing carbon and global warming that kills polar bears and cute baby seals that were once clubbed to death. Think smart. Think with your stomach – it won’t let you down.

Moore had the golden shower chance to stop the Trump carnage. He could have told the assembled to begin eating the US food supply and keep eating! Everything. Stuff in wheelie bins, buckets of waste oil: nothing could be left!

America faced with famine would just have to dump Trump and put Queen Hillary back on her rightful throne, just to stop the plague of politically correct locusts. But Moore didn’t say this. He said instead:

“Brush your teeth, make the coffee, walk the dog and call Congress.”

Presumably the callers don’t have jobs to go to; maybe Uncle George pays the bills. If only I too had an Uncle George. (Actually I did but he died on the Kokoda trail fighting the Japanese, to defend “liberty,” all it seems, for nothing.)

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