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Weird Shit in the Sky;
Weirder Shit on Earth By William Rapier

My near-secret sojourn into the Australia bush was a great success: not a single big-balled, buck kangaroo I encountered (while shooting feral dogs preying on sheep), wished to be part of the transgender, intersex agenda. Trust me: I asked each of them and they all just hopped away.

Across the country “Safe Schools”:,

has, under the guise of combatting bullying been championing LGBTQI…WXYZ causes. There has been a concentrated critique of this launched by a multitude of conservative groups, even attacks in the national Murdoch paper The Australian:,

but the steamroller goes on. In one state, students at public schools will be allowed to use the toilets of the gender they identify with:

“SA Schools Introduce Transgender, Intersex Policy Allowing Students Gender Choices,” at

Yes, ex-President Obama has been influential, shining a light over even the dark down under side of the planet. He truly deserved his Nobel Prize for justice in the bathroom:

Who am I to disagree with feminist Camille Paglia when she said that the “transgender mania” is a symptom of the West’s “decadence” and “cultural collapse’? See:

That brings me to the question of weird shit in the sky. Just the other day I was clearing feral trees for bushfire prevention. I looked up into otherwise clear cloudless sky top to see a jet travelling from the East, I think the same direction the Three Wise Men chose, pushing a massive amount of white shit from its jet anal hole. I asked my son, who is into chem. trails and all that, what he thought was going on. There was so much white emission, that I feared that the jet was about to crash. With my luck, it would have probably landed on my foot.

Then something weird happened, and I will sweat to this on a stack of James LaFond books. The jet just disappeared! There one instant, gone the next! No clouds to disappear behind, just gone! WTF! We both saw it and neither of us had been drinking piss, smoking shit or doing anything illegal. We don’t even live in Kalifornication.

Perhaps such jets can go high and double back on their trail? I don’t know. There should be a scientific explanation, but everyone I have spoken to keeps rattling on about UFOs. But, there are no UFOs or aliens here, other than the human variety, even if they do patrol the vast cosmic wastelands. No intelligent species would want to visit dung pile Earth, let alone probe the anuses of the thin- skinned primates who crawl over its surface.

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IshmaelJanuary 28, 2017 3:04 PM GMT+4

Weird stuff out in the West Desert of Utah, Eastern Nevada, airforce playing with toys.