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‘Much Afflicted with the Kick-Kicksey’
Whoever Takes up Said Servants

October 25, 1753

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Baltimore County, Maryland, October 18, 1753.

RUN away from the subscribers, on Sunday, the 14th inst. Three servant men;

Michael French, a tall sprightly young fellow, has dark eyes and eye brows, round visage, and smooth face; he came out of Ireland 7 years ago; [1] is now about 20 years of age, and is pretty smart in his speech or conversation:

Had on when he went away, A dark colour cloth vest, and breeches,ozenbrigs trowsers over his breeches, dark wig, castor hat, light colour grey worsted stockings, ozenbrigs shirt, and a white linen ditto; likely he took several other things unknown.

James Brannon, an Irishman born, about 20 years of age, has been much afflicted with the kick kicksey [2] and jaundice, and, if observed is much scarr about the arms, and many other parts of his body, [3] smooth face, short stature, and brown complexion:

Had on when he went away, A cloth coat, linen vest and breeches, country linen thread stockings; has a pair of pistols, a cutlash, a green sword belt, and sundry other things unknown. He professes to be a Schoolmaster, and supposed he will write passes for them all.

Henry Tedder, was born in Essex, in England, about 30 years of age; he was brought up a Gardiner, and has been a soldier in the Kingservice, [4] and sometimes pretends to show poppits; [5] about 5 feet 8 inches high, swarthy complexion, pretty round visage, dark eyes and eye brows, flattish nose, and pretty wide mouth, talks pretty quick, and snaps his eyes when he talks much, which he is apt to do; much given to drink:

Had on when he went away, a red napped vest, with metal buttons, striped holland breeches, light grey worsted stockings, new pumps, castor hat, 2 check shirts, and may have sundry other things unknown to us.

Whoever takes up said servants, and secures them, so as the owners may have them again, shall have Five Pounds reward for each of them, paid in the currency of the province where they are taken, by JOHN HALL, and JACOB GILES. [6]


1. 14 years was supposed to be the minimum age for legally trafficked children stipulated by King’s decree around 1680. Also, having been in county for seven years one would think that he should be free, however, he was not yet 21. If you were sold at 8, you still had to serve until age of majority, 21 for men 18 for women.

2. Prone to nervous pacing and idle motions, thought to be a disorder, perhaps ADHD.

3. This heavily scarred young man [most likely scarred from flogging], is somehow highly educated. Brannon’s literacy is considered a great risk to his owners as he will be able to write passes for his for himself and his companions.

4. It is interesting how many former soldiers and sailors fell into bondage after discharge, although many served in place of their masters and were then return to finish their term of service.

5. These might be puppets or a type of bead jewelry known as poppits.

6. A well know Maryland servant owner of the time.

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