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Ishmael’s Periscope
Some Logistical Notes on Calexit

Melilotus officinalis


They need to find out who supplies who?


I wonder what would happen if they pissed off all the upstream states?

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IshmaelJanuary 31, 2017 4:53 PM UTC

I once spoke out, to a unproductive, management wimp, my question was, who would be more useful, the operators, that keep the water flowing, revenues coming in, answering the emergency hot line when the machine breaks down, so we can spend 36 hrs putting it back together, or you the guy that sleeps tight, gets lost in his own district, never worked his way through school, daddy paid, drinking expensive wine, working 36 hrs a week, whining because Queen of Rugmunchistan didn't get elected! Yep, wound up at the Dark side of the Moon, on the outside track, you said I could speak freely! WTH! M and M'S soon to replace us, Mexicans and Muslims.
C7January 31, 2017 7:29 AM UTC

Our Chinese masters will simply purchase all the blue coast areas. Problem solved.
Jeremy BenthamJanuary 30, 2017 12:48 PM UTC

Excellent points Ishmael. It makes one wonder what on earth the CALEXIT people are thinking about, eh? Nevertheless it's easy to divine what they ARE thinking: the CALEXIT people are arrogant and believe that the rest of America needs California more than California needs the rest of America. So they are threatening to leave the union if the rest of us don't impeach President Trump. In their minds the rest of us are supposed to be so horrified at the thought of California actually leaving us that we'll beg them to stay and do anything they want to keep them in the Union. Ah, not so much. The rest of us in fly-over-country have come to the conclusion that CA has made itself more of nuisance than an asset. So leave already! We'll probably have a better relationship with California when they are a separate country like Canada and Mexico, and less able to meddle in our affairs. As it is now half our movies and TV shows are being filmed in Canada. Do we need sunny California anymore? Plus as you point out Ishmael, CA is dependent on its neighboring states for basic commodities to make its economy function, commodities like water, electricity, and hay. All those electronic gadgets invented in Silicon Valley won't work without reliable electricity. The irony is that California DOES have the potential to become an economic powerhouse all by itself, in terms of natural resources, geographic location and human capital. However given the fact that the state is governed by dizzy Leftists, people who believe so many things that aren't true and do not work, AND it is importing so many people from Latin America, it is more likely that an independent California will become Venezuela than Singapore.