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‘The Bridge of His Nose a Little Fallen’
Edward Demsy, Runaway Barber

July 11, 1754

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Bladensburg, June 11, 1754.

RUN away from the subscriber, A convict servant man, named Edward Demsy, born in Ireland, by trade a barber, about 26 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches high, well set, of a fair complexion, and the bridge of his nose [1] a little fallen:

Had on, A castor hat, brown wig, check shirt, old kersey [2] jacket, old cotton velvet breeches, thread stockings, old shoes; and is supposed to have a considerable sum of money with him, which probably may procure him better clothes.

Whoever apprehends the said servant, and brings him home, shall have Two Pistoles reward (besides what the law allows) and reasonable charges, paid by THOMAS CHITTAM.


1. This is commonly caused be a strike to the face and was once the signature broken nose of the old time boxer.

2. Also known as “English Army cloth” this was a dark grey wool fabric used for jackets, caps and trousers, as well as for lining cotton garments.

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