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Doing Allah’s Work
Jihad Updates 1/31/17

Trump's heartland voters shrug off global uproar over immigration ban

Somali Migrant Says 'I Have Come to Stay Forever, Not to Work'

“Not since the days of slavery have there been so many people who feel entitled to what other people have produced as there are in the modern welfare state, whether in Western Europe or on this side of the Atlantic.” - Thomas Sowell, 16 Oct, 2012

"Since this is an era when many people are concerned about 'fairness' and 'social justice,' what is your 'fair share' of what someone else has worked for?" - Thomas Sowell,

Why shouldn’t the German taxpayers take care of him and his extended family forever? They invited him after all.

“An asylum seeker from Somalia, says in an interview with Lithuanian journalists that he has come to Germany to live well on taxpayer-funded grants for the rest of his life, without having to work. As soon as he has received a German citizenship he also plans to bring his whole "little family" of ten people, he says.”

Rasmussen Poll: More than half back Trump’s refugee ban

Former Homeland Security officer

three triggers to bring on Islamic uprising in US

“Will America continue to be Islamized via immigration (the hijra) or will we save ourselves now?”

“It’s not about Trump. It’s about America, America has had the audacity to pick someone different from what the world wanted, which was someone who would not be submissive to the global Islamic movement.”

- Phil Haney

The “flashpoints” to watch going forward are these:

~Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

~Declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization

~Restricting Islamic immigration into the U.S.

“As seen at protests in major U.S. airports Sunday, the radical left is eager to take up the crusade of Muslim activism.”

Resettlement Watch

US Cases of refugees arrested or convicted on terror charges, and other heinous crimes

10 criminal cases that highlight Islamic terror threat at US-Mexico border

“How many cases are Americans not being told about? How many slip in without anyone noticing so there is no court case?”

Seven Found Guilty of Robbing German Churches to Finance Jihad

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