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The Snitching App
Baltimore Police Department unveils new mobile app - App designed to provide 'transparency at your fingertips,' police say

"This particularly will come into play, I think, in a community where there's an outdoor shooting scene and people are peering out their window or looking out their door, but they don't want to come out and they don't want a detective knocking on their door, quite frankly, because that puts them at risk. They can submit a tip, and then they can engage in tip chat with the person on the receiving end of that tip," Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said. “

“Police said the app is available in the app stores of mobile devices. Those with Google Play can download the app here. Apple users can download the app here.”

“The app comes at a time when the Police Department is balancing its push to reduce violent crime with trying to implement reforms set forth by the consent decree with the Justice Department.”

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LazerFebruary 2, 2017 8:47 PM UTC

Theres only purpose for this app: To report Taboo Men.