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Breaking News: 2/1/17
Yemen and Delaware

Breaking News- Official:

Guards taken hostage by inmates at Delaware prison

Hey dog, I can see your house from this tower!

Navy SEAL killed in Yemen anti-terror raid is identified

“Non-Combatants? Am no such thing! Just enemies with guns and enemies without guns.”

- Skida Thibodeau , Insurgent Leader, “Prince of Sparta: A Novel of Falkenberg's Legion” by Jerry Pournelle and S. M. Stirling (1993).

"A lot of female combatants" were part of the resistance the SEALs encountered on the target, Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff David told reporters. "Some of the enemy killed in action were female." Pentagon officials report that the US led a raid against Al Qaeda fighters Davis said the women took what he called pre-arranged fighting positions when they came under attack by the Navy SEAL assault force.”

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Sam J.February 1, 2017 10:50 PM GMT+4

Those V-22's cost US$72.1 million each. What a waste of money. If we had something like that that worked maybe they would be worth it but they have problems landing in a hover. A CH-47 Chinook cost about $38.55 million. (CH-47F) the newest model. I've heard $15 million for an average Chinook. They need to concentrate on making those faster and leave out the V-22's.