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Primates Behaving Badly
At The Dindustan News Desk With the Jingoistic Myrmidon


'Thieving idiot' deputy resigns after body cam shows him stealing cash

Betrayed by his own body camera. Doah!

Bitches be Crazy Update

- Cops: Woman Stabbed Beau Over Threesome - Victim declined romp with his galpal and her female friend

Hell hath no fury like a drunk bi-woman denied a MFF threesome.

2 men shot in separate Baltimore shootings die

The Harm City Hoodrats come out strong for the second month of the season!

Carroll County Maryland issues warning after 7 overdoses in 2 hours

Revolution of the Apes

- Chimps beat up, murder and then cannibalise their former tyrant

The Trump ripple effect. A populist revolt in a chimpanzee tribe. Looks like the chimp tyrant didn’t make it to his bunker in time.

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Sam J.February 3, 2017 11:23 AM UTC

Those chimpanzees are vicious murdering killers. Anyone who gets one for a pet is out of their mind. I think they get older and realize they're not really humans and that they'll never really fit in. Combined with their inborn aggression they go nuts and start killing people.

I read about these chimps in South Africa that dragged this intern at a chimp wildlife refuge under a fence into their area. If someone hadn't have come real quick they would have torn him to pieces. These people who think wild animals are just like the stuffed ones they played with as kids are stupid. Another good example is the bear boy or whatever that got his self and his girlfriend eaten by grizzlies.