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News A Da Worl
Jeremy Bentham Takes Us Back in Time and Around the World in the Same Time it Takes Jamal to Carjack a Cracker

Diversity Update

- Pope frets about 'hemorrhage' of priests, nuns from church

Beatings will continue until morale improves.

It doesn’t occur to His Holiness Pope Francis I that perhaps HE is the problem. Maybe it’s his toxic leadership style that is driving away Catholic clergy. After all one minute he’s Pope smiley face and then the next he’s taking cheap shots at people he doesn’t like and calling them names. Telling people they’re “not Christian” if they don’t give up their trousers to the first person who asks (Are those my pants?). He’s probably doing the same if not even worse to Catholic clergy behind closed doors. This "writing people out of the movement” telling them they’re not a good member of the party because they disagree with some aspect of the party line is an ancient Communist tactic.

We see everywhere else that secularized Christian churches are losing membership. Pope Francis is a Leftist social justice warrior (SJW) and like all SJWs, once they take over an organization, no matter what it is, they repurpose it to promoting Leftist social justice causes. Like the Pope is doing. Furthermore we also know that once SJWs take control of an organization they drive out all opposition. One cannot have an honest disagreement with them. Conservatives tend to be K-strategist, if they disagree with you they will be straight-forward and let you know about it. It’s not in their nature to be two-faced and passive aggressive about conflict. Leftists being r strategist on the other hand, have no problem with being two-faced and deceptive to advance their cause. They will bide their time until they can portray themselves as being with the majority opinion and use such a portrayal to intimidate opponents. Everybody agrees with us, so if you don’t you’re dumb and should go away.

Is this what is happening here?

Are the Leftist SJWs in the Catholic Church, led by the Pope, driving out Conservatives and publically crying big crocodile tears while they do it?

Yeah, maybe, just maybe, Catholic clergy are leaving the Church because they are not finding transcendent spiritual fulfillment under the current regime.


Jeremy my cousin and my sister both left the catholic church for non-denominational churches they helped build. These churches feature sermons that are bible discussion starters and carry over into the week at home, with the congregation members continuing the exploration of the theme with family—even heathens like me—on their own time. Very few people are staying with the Church in Maryland, so the Church has been busy resettling Muslims and Latinos.

World War Update

- Ukraine's Problem Is Ukraine - Zero Hedge

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

- Leo Tolstoy

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC

Sometimes YOU are the problem.

Alexander the Great's Last Will and Testament found

So are ‘Zander’s heirs, whoever they might be, going to contest the ruling of the probate court?

One of History's Greatest Mysteries May Be Solved - Alexander the Great's Last Will and Testament found?

Looks like Alexander the Great’s last will and testament has been found 2,000 years after his death, possibly bringing an end to one history’s biggest mysteries.

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Sam J.February 3, 2017 12:38 PM UTC

Ukraine's Problem Is Jews. A Jew came from Switzerland and ran the West. I believe a Jew runs the East to. They murder all the people and loot every dime they can get. 99% of their problems would solved by an old fashioned program on the Jews. The Jews may not like this, I know they won't, but they're the ones that overthrew the Democratically elected President. They're extremely likely the ones that started the war by shooting at protestors AND the police. We know for 100% fact that Mossad was there fighting, I've seen pictures of the them there. Is was thought at first they were fighting each other but we now know conclusively that both were shoot with the same gun.

The Jews are always moaning and crying about programs and oppression but this is a perfect example of why they get programs. Jews are so greedy and so callous with others lives people eventually can't take any more and attack them.
Jeremy BenthamFebruary 2, 2017 4:01 PM UTC

Oh, my bad. The average median incomes I cited for the different clergymen are of course ANNUAL median incomes. FYI the median annual income for a Muslim imam in the USA is 30k ( For a Buddhist priest it is $34,700 ( No data on Hindu and Sikh Guru's. Military Chaplain's serve as commissioned officers and therefore are paid according their military pay grade and time in service. For example, a Chaplain who is a U.S. Army Captain or a U.S. Navy Lieutenant (Both pay grade O3) with two years’ service would receive $53,913.60 per year in basic pay. This does not include the Basic Housing Allowance (BAH, your rent subsidy) if the you live off post (this varies by geographic location - For an O3 in Harm City $2,097 with dependents and $1,806 without), and subsistence allowance (food subsidy - $253.63 per month for officers), or hazard Pay ($175 per month, not to mention the combat zone tax exclusion) or any other specialty pay the individual might be entitled too. So if you're a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or Buddhist clergyman, serving in the U.S. military would seem to be your best option financially. Plus you get the pension and continuing healthcare benefits after 20 years’ service. Hope this info helps some young folks out there select their vocation. LOL!
Jeremy BenthamFebruary 2, 2017 2:09 PM UTC

Interesting James. So "Mary's Land" the state that was founded by Catholics is losing Catholics, eh? Not really surprising. Like their Protestant neighbors, white American Catholics don't like being told what to do and what to think. Many of them parted company with the Church on issues like divorce, birth control, abortion and premarital sex years ago. And now you have to support same-sex marriage to be thought a good person among the cool people in the urban centers too. Pope Francis isn’t helping things either. He says so many things that alienate conservative Catholics, the bedrock of the Church, and generally leaves everybody befuddled, trying to figure out what the hell he’s taking about. The Left likes him he says things that support their social justice agenda, and that’s all they care about. Of course some people think the celibacy of the clergy is the root of all the Catholic Church's problems, but that isn't the issue that they think it is. Again, the people who have a problem with that have mostly parted company with the church already, starting back in '60's and '70's when society first hung out the "free pussy" sign. Those folks decided they wanted to get some so they did not enter into the religious life, or get married for that matter. Getting married and having children is not a practical option for most Catholic clergy living a life of service and poverty as they do. Not really having a say as to where they live and work either. Sort of like the Army. Even the among the priests who do not take a vow of poverty they don't make a lot. According to the median average income for parish priests in the USA is 38K. Median meaning that 50 percent make more and 50 percent make less. I can't see your average materialistic, hypergamous, urban Maryland Catholic girl thinking that's an attractive proposition for a mate. No shopping, no vacations in Cancun and such. She couldn't even divorce him and take half his money after ten years. LOL! Protestant minsters are a little better off with a median income of 49K. Plus ministers of many denominations have the advantage of being independent contractors who can go job shopping and decide where they want to live and work. Now if someone wants to be a clergyman and get married they ought to be a Jewish rabbi. According to the median income for a Jewish rabbi is 92K. I have read that rabbis at some of the wealthier urban congregations make as much as 140K. So I can see how a rabbi would be an attractive catch for the average Jewish woman. The social prestige plus the comfortable upper middle-class lifestyle. You'd be able to afford to have children and send them off to prestigious universities where they'll become doctors and lawyers and learn how to be activists and meddle in other people's affairs. LOL!