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Morlocks and Suchlike
Phil B. Gives James Some Story Points

I will be using Phil’s recommendations to write a post-apocalyptic short story under the Reader versus Writer tag. Thanks, Phil.

Hi James,

Thank you for elevating my comment to a full article on your Blog - a bit of a shock to the old system to see things so honoured!

If you are seriously thinking of using the concept as the basis for a novel, then you might want to read through the "Beyond Collapse" book I referred to. I don't agree with his conclusions about technology failing totally - I'm an engineer and can think of various ways to build steam engines or convert abandoned car engines to run on wood (producer) gas to power generators, pumps etc - but overall, the book is a well thought out outline of the way that the survivors could manage to weather the resulting storm.

It includes relatively sparse information about defense of villages etc. but there are other books to cover that. One I like is Contact! : A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival (Post apocalypse tactics and strategy for non military) by someone calling himself Max Velocity ... perhaps you could check the phone book for that last name, eh? >};o)

Finally Machiavelli's The Prince contains warnings about employing mercenaries and if the rich are daft enough to want to bring in some "bodyguards" or "security operatives" into their bunkers, then like it or lump it they are mercenaries! Without the restraint of law and order imposed by the Government, then I daresay after a year or so cooped up in a bunker, even Priscilla Chan (Mark Zukerbergs wife) would start to look easy on the eye ... Ahem!

There is a lot to ponder and I wonder at the features included n the bunkers - 10 pin bowling alleys, cinemas etc. That'll be a handy skill to have after you emerge. Being the meanest bowler on the planet won't be a high demand skill I would have thought ..

Anyway, keep up the good work and keep your sorry backside out of trouble. I need MY inspiration by reading you for a while yet.

Best regards, Morlock


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Sam J.February 3, 2017 12:18 PM UTC

"... I'm an engineer and can think of various ways to build steam engines or convert abandoned car engines to run on wood (producer) gas to power generators..."

The problem is that in a real collapse where will you have time or a safe space to build these? What exactly will you do with the engines? They would be good for planting but most seeds these days we have in any quantity are genetically engineered NOT to grow a second crop. The ones other than this are hybrids that don't breed true to form the second crop. If there's a collapse it will be rough.I'm fairly sure I would die. I have food saved up ,even some seeds but I'm not in the physical condition to defend myself and do all the work required.