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‘Let’s Find Out’
The ThuleanPerspective, Barbarism, Hate, Family, Vegans, Prison Violence and Heavy Metal Guitar with Varg

Varg, a heavy metal guitarist and ambient music composer who murdered a dude, did time for it, and married a pen pal when he got out is one of the most intelligent YouTubers out there—and probably the smartest YouTuber who is an actual killer. I have found that retired murderers tend to make mild-mannered conversationalists and Varg certainly fits that profile.

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LynnFebruary 5, 2017 3:38 PM GMT+4

With regard to the last video, monotheists vs nature, please nobody show him pictures of India. I understand his perspective is on Europe only, so that would be unlikely to persuade him. Valuing nature and environment is exclusively a European activity, regardless of religion. Before you say Native American, I don't buy it. Once they got horses and guns, they were as eager as anyone to kill above and beyond their needs. Before horses and guns, they exterminated the native megafauna of N & S America (I don't blame them, it must have been a hell of BBQ), and where the climate would support it, they had feudal type civilizations with slave labor etc etc.

Exploitation of resources, including cases that seem egregious, have more to do with economic and political forces than religious ones.

It is easy to condemn "factory farms" and monocrop agriculture, but people have to eat. The people who run those farms are not sadists, they are meeting the demands of hungry consumers. I would welcome a much decreased population following a pastoral way of eating, but we are several billion people beyond that.

Also never forget that mother nature is relentless and totally indifferent to humans.
IshmaelFebruary 4, 2017 10:01 AM GMT+4

Retired murderer making sense, Oh my!