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Savage Faggots Swarm at Airport

Breaking News Pro Trump Supporters Attacked At Anti Trump Airport Takeover Riot Portland OR

I suppose YouTube will take this down. A tall man was index-punched in the chin while standing in a conversational posture—and suffered a brain injury. His height increased his vulnerability. [Short guys are just harder to KO because of chin access.] His belief in the Lie of Civilization sealed his fate. The rigid stemming of his arms marks this as a catastrophic concussion.

Please realize that this man has suffered brain damage. If he were a pro fighter he would be banned from sparring for six months and competing until he could pass a neurological exam. If he had been alone or with just the woman and if this had happened outside on the pavement he would have died or been knocked into a coma.

We must not think that the savages of the mother state believe in anything other than doing free people harm. We might have a real—if flawed man for president—but the entire apparatus of the state has been engineered over the past 60 years to facilitate this—this is every Americans life in public spaces in 2020.

I no longer even pretend that I am not checking my six o’clock, which was a tactic I used to surprise ambushers. I stop, turn like I’m throwing a spinning back fist, but slowly, turning the head first before shifting weight, and look over my shoulder with my chin tucked behind it.

If you are not a slave, understand that you are a hunted animal.

You are at war.

Act like it.

Thriving in Bad Places

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ShepFebruary 2, 2017 11:13 PM GMT+4

And again:

Sure, it was only water, but it could have been acid (a fairly common Muslim trick). Victim stands with nothing shielding his back, hands in pockets, stands square-on to the interviewer, all by himself. No more personal readiness than Mr. Rogers.

At least the cops did their job...
Mesc FranklinFebruary 2, 2017 10:55 PM GMT+4

And….they took it down!
ShepFebruary 2, 2017 10:17 PM GMT+4

Well said. You are exactly correct. All these Trad/Nats keep going to these 4GW political events expecting to gently debate with the libtards like Jimmy Stewart at a New England town meeting. Well guess what? The antifa fags and hags aren't interested in an exchange of viewpoints. They want to physically mess up any RealAmericans that they can find.

While not as catastrophic as the Portland Punchout, this cute little number got sucker-sprayed with OC at Berkeley last night. She has no situational awareness, and evidently no male ally/protector. Same folly, different day.

I have never been able to understand people with amygdalae as dormant as these. If Trad/Nats want to keep attending these faggot fist-fests, they'd better wake the f@ck up—quick!