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Post Dignity Plantation America
The Mescaline Fix: Episode 2.0: Feb 2017, Franklin and LaFond Discuss, Trump, Fat Chicks and Nailing One for the Team

We are back and boy a lot has gone down. I think it’s safe to say that the intensity of manipulation seen in election season coverage by the media is now on full throttle and they have broken off the handle. Every day is now election 2016, forever...

Let’s jump right into it.

Mescaline: So Jim, it’s been only a few weeks with Trump as the president and the wailing and gnashing

of teeth has gone even beyond what I expected. Talk of California seceding (yes!), outright defiance from democratic officials. The media raping of the corpse we once called Truth. Shifty Republicans who we know will backstab at the right moment. What do you make of all this in Post Dignity Plantation America?

James: I would add that they broke the handle off in our ass!

Be careful sitting down.

This reminds me of 1892, which was when the bare-knuckle boxing champion, John L. Sullivan made his last defense of the heavyweight title and did so with gloves. Even though he was the bare-knuckle champion, he pressed for gloves because he had hand problems. He made his unsuccessful defense with gloves against James J. Corbett, who became the first gloved boxing champion. Corbett’s style was better suited for gloves. The reason I am using this analogy is to place Sullivan as the Democratic champion or president. Barack Obama instituted presidential rule by executive order. This fed into the postmodern, ADHD need for immediate action. I see Trump as the Corbett figure, who comes to a game evolved to favor the party in power, but bringing executive skills that are better suited to rule by executive order.

M: That is a great analogy. It is very clear that the hubris of these bastards convinced them that Hillary was a shoe-in and so they could do what they want. Not ever thinking they were merely setting up the battlefield for an upstart who can function in it and wield the tools crafted by them far more effectively.

The irony of this seems more than just chance. I know these fools are not really that good at what they are doing, but to play into the hands of this man, Trump, who I feel is truly running on good instincts more than anything else, seems almost too convenient. The weakness of this paradigm has been exposed and I love it. Perhaps there are unseen, transcendent forces at work? That’s the politicians. How‘bout the crybaby, Leftist public? Half of this country is literally useless and insane faggots. There has never been a more pathetic and undignified population on this planet. I hope aliens see this and send a fleet right away. Exterminate!!!

But seriously, did you ever think the average Murican would degenerate this much? I mean the honkies who are mostly behind this!

J: The first thing we have to understand is that what we just saw was a war. In ancient times, wars were mainly just fought to decide if the king was going to remain on his throne or be replaced by the enemy general. These wars were usually decided in a single battle at an agreed upon location, on a battlefield that was literally shaped by the king, just like a modern ball field is manicured according to certain conventions, by a ground crew employed by the home team, representing the king in power.

In this last election the media was the ground crew. Remember the scene in the movie, Gladiator, where the team of gladiators representing the Carthaginians, in a battle where they lost, were set up in open terrain that favored the chariots of the enemy. This was supposed to be a slaughter. But among the doomed team of gladiators was a man who had been a general commanding real armies, causing huge disappointment, turning this into a predictable romance novel that in the last chapter suddenly becomes a horror novel.

This was set up to be Hillary’s romance, with the majority of the electorate [readers] being women and emasculated liberal men who all, one Tuesday night turned on the TV to see the final episode of Hillary’s Ascension to Queen, only to have some serial killer with a bad comb-over butcher her in front of the mirror of her vanity! Of course they are going to cry—and what’s worse is the woman who tuned in to watch this morality play discovered that the teenage son she was forcing to watch this was really a fan of horror films and jumped up and down screaming “Yes!” every time the blade plunged into the would-be Queen’s neck. Of course they are going to cry.

M: Violence against Trump supporters and alt-Right figures like Richard Spencer is now openly lauded and encouraged in mainstream, Leftist publications. This is like a more explicit next step to the Obama Administration’s tacit encouragement of increasing minority resentment against whites, amplified by the lying press. The preponderance of white women in these mobs is enough to make any real white man disheartened.

We need to briefly discuss the Women Question.

What are we to do with these bitches?

J: That’s easy. Women have a deep emotional need to be irrationally attached to the plight of their children. So if you want to engineer a dystopian society from the womb up, you pay one group of women to spawn broods of orphans, which effectively become The Children of The State. Then you brainwash another group of women to not have children and to invest their moral energy as a component of a Mother State. Therefore, their latent, motherly, irrational impulses will be focused on the plight of the children of the Mother State of which they are a part—thus the martyrdom of the criminal class! The real fault here is with the men who have had unproductive sex—or, worse yet, no sex—with these brainwashed, paleface bimbos. If you had impregnated these bitches before they had gone on to graduate school, we wouldn’t have had this problem!

M: Honestly, the way too many of them look now, who would want to touch these women? Not every woman needs to be a fashion model, but for God’s sake, morbid obesity is unattractive. I know that’s a controversial statement and I apologize. Please don’t eat me!

(James takes a double-shot of Rye whisky, courtesy of Ishmael, 90 proof!)

J: Man up, Private Johnson! Look there is only one thing on earth black guys are good at and if we learn that certain skill then you will almost immediately render the entire gender of that race obsolete!

Once you have inflicted three-plus orgasms on one cow, in one session, she is your slave, seven to fifteen orgasms she is your slave for life! I can understand you have your eye on Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston, but practice makes perfect.

There are three reasons why you should practice with fat bitches.

1. -She’s fat! Did you ever see Chris “Crush” Davis, one of the top homerun hitters in Major League Baseball, in the on-deck circle when he is warming up to go to bat, while he practices his swing? He’ll either swing two bats at one time or he’ll slide a ring-shaped weight on the end of his bat. For our purposes swinging two bats is like a threesome and sliding the big round weight on to the end of your batting tool is like seeding the fat bitch. It’s much harder to make a fat woman cum than a skinnier woman. Once you can roll Big Mamma Jamma around and leave her sweating and breathless, Angelina Jolie is no problem!

2. All chicks rate you on your previous chicks. All chicks know they are eventually going to look like their mother and eventually their grandmother. So what chicks want is a dude who is not all about looks. Jennifer and Angelina both lost Brad Pitt to younger, better looking abbes—so what kind of chance does the average babe thinks she has? So if you are known as a dude who dates fatties, the first thing a really fine babe will wonder is if you have a fatty fetish. You can dispel this worry of hers easily, by looking at her like she is a fine cut of sirloin and you’re a one-eyed dog and you cannot keep your hands off her, and she’ll think to herself ,“he’s not just into me because I have a fine body and a pretty face, he likes me because I’m a wonderful human being and he will still want me when I’m sixty five!”

3. Getting a fat bitch pregnant has a lot going for it.

A) She’ll get even fatter.

B) She’ll be too embarrassed to leave the house, so she will be a good stay-at-home mom.

C) She’ll be too fat to catch your ass while you’re running out the door to hop into Angelina’s Ferarri .


War Drums: Forty Miles from The Big House

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Sam J.February 3, 2017 1:10 PM UTC

The whole thing is a disaster. I hope they come up with some kind of small guaranteed minimum income for everyone but...the big but...we don't pay for kids and no Man or Women's basic income can EVER be taken for any reason unless you're in jail. Even if you go to jail you should get a couple weeks of it when you get out. Women will have to shack up with Men as it's much cheaper for two to live together. Women's want s are infinite so the basic income would never be enough. They would find a Man.

We do this we could dramatically cut the government as it just comes down to cutting a check.

I don't know about the fat chick plan. I quit drinking. I don't think I could do it without some pharm help.
Nero the PictFebruary 2, 2017 7:30 PM UTC

Seriously when are you two gonna do a podcast?
responds:February 3, 2017 10:11 AM UTC

That is all up to Mescaline. I have no knowledge or equipment for such a thing, and if I could do this with a typewriter and get rid of the computer I would.
IshmaelFebruary 2, 2017 4:09 PM UTC

Grab back! a little higher, now I know why Boar grizzly eat their young!