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‘The Sacred, Messy Part of My Womanhood’
Ashley Judd Speaks at Women's March on Washington

Here is a video of the values extolled and to be implemented by the Coming World Hive, once the Millenials get their act together and vote white men out of office forever and the once Great and Evil United States of America morphs forever into the Pathetic and Nasty Disunited Nodes of Unmanned America.

This really is an excellent self-revelation of the self-hate that is remorselessly engulfing Western Humanity as individuals continue to jettison their identity in favor of embracing the largest possible collective in a never-ending effort to achieve subhuman devolution.

It is precious that this skank thinks that Islam will embrace her ideal fantasy of transgender freaks, screamingly independent women and crazed sluts den-mothered by morbidly obese man-things.

Interestingly, the commercial that accompanied this was of a pop star selling something while humanity was depicted evolving in the background from four painfully retarded white cave people to a sleek black basketball player.

To be clear, I do think that most humans are subhumans, that the men who founded this nation were evil, that this nation has always been evil and that this skank's speech is the logical realization of this nation's march into oblivion. In my view, the United States began as a cultural negation matrix—a political machine for dismembering tribes and disfiguring religion, with no other purpose than the exploitation of the increasingly many by the decreasingly few. In that view, this speech makes as much sense as The Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address.

People will suggest I move to a nation more to my liking. To this I say, I have adapted to my cell-block of this vast Prison of the Apes and might as well do what I can to comfort my longtime cellmates as the imminent failure of the prison power grid threatens to plunge us into the darkness that may be our only chance of escape from this increasingly savage place.

Under the God of Things

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Tex AlbrittonFebruary 3, 2017 10:05 PM UTC

My old buddy, Jim Kirk, shows how to diplomatically handle this situation...


(as Scotty said, "The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank.")