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As the World Freaks Out
Jeremy Bentham is on the Case

Dindustan International

He had so much gold…

Canadian Mint Worker Sentenced To 30 Months For Smuggling $140,000 Of Gold In His Rectum

Spanish Hunter kills two forest rangers when asked for gun licence in Catalonia

Watch out for hunters named Ismael.

Homemade Guns Seized in OZ

- The New Australian Cottage Industry?

Wow! Some well-made improvised guns seized in Australia. Sub-machine guns and handguns. They rival the hand-made guns traditionally manufactured in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Is this the new cottage industry in OZ? Home-made sub-machineguns. MAC-10 and Tec-9 copies, have turned up in Canada recently as well, but nothing like the frequency with which such improvised guns are appearing in Australia. (Gunsmiths of Peshawar) (the Dying Art of Pakistan’s Gun makers)

Homemade TEC-9 copy seized in Sydney, Australia

Man fighting ISIS kills himself to avoid capture

“When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,

And the women come out to cut up what remains,

Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains

An' go to your Gawd like a soldier.”


Saved his last bullet for himself. Which begs the question of why Jihadists don’t kill themselves to avoid capture by the evil American infidels? Especially since the Americans are widely reported to torture and abuse their prisoners, eh?

“Kurd sources said he shot himself to avoid being captured by bloodthirsty jihadis. “It seems that the British fighter committed suicide in order not to fall captive with ISIS,” the source said.”

Diversity Update

- California Considering Legislation To Recognize New Gender; Are You "Male, Female, or Nonbinary"?

Nonbinary, eh ? But is that non-binary “with penis” (WP) or with “no penis” (NP)?

Man, you have to feel sorry for the normal people living in California. They are ruled by a collection of mentally ill grievance mongers. If this legislation passes the state will have to spend millions of dollars it no longer has to redress this "injustice” committed against .03% of the population who desperately want everyone else to be forced to participate in their delusion. And they wonder why Trump won? People figured the country needed a Simon Cowell to tell people like this they can’t sing.

“The bill, drafted by Senators Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) and Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), is specifically intended to create a third gender, referred to as "nonbinary", which will be officially recognized on state-issued ID cards as well as birth certificates and court documents.”

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Phil BFebruary 3, 2017 7:28 PM UTC

Actually, the harsh and ineffective Australian gun laws are driving the increase in submachine guns (SMG's).

SMG's are easy to manufacture and as they are a simple blow back mechanism (i.e. the breech isn't locked closed but held closed by a big, comparatively heavy lump of metal and a spring) then they are easily manufactured from simple tube and a few other non critically dimensioned parts.

If you are going to manufacture them in quantity, then it makes sense to standardise on the sizes and dimensions of parts and a laser or water jet cutter can churn out trigger parts, sights etc. by the bakers dozen. Hence they will look professionally done. Hand fitting and hardening then is teenage metalworking class level difficult. after that a lathe to turn a couple of parts (including the breech block and barrel mount - and while you are about it, the barrel and rifling too though a smoothbore will be acceptably accurate up to about 50 to 75 yards) and there you go.

The British STEN was designed to be manufatured by low skilled shops and the MAC10, although made out of stampings, can be fabricated with a simple brake press (that can be home made too) plus a few strips of metal spot welded to the sheet to form guide ribs and again, you are in business.

Pistols and revolvers are MUCH more difficult to produce and equally difficult to shoot accurately. Submachine guns, not so much and with a shoulder stock, reach rifle levels of ease of aiming and using.

Another triumph for the gun control guys ...
IshmaelFebruary 3, 2017 3:20 PM UTC

I do repairs on longuns, young guides, law enforcement, again young kids, my shop is on the radar.

Game warden should be a seasoned, experienced hunter,

not a college graduate, as some are, ex military would be good too, I had a retired highway patrolman speak to me of the youth being hired, they are militant, belligerent, they want to shoot someone, this is why I retired.
SidVicFebruary 3, 2017 1:28 PM UTC

Couple of points:

I'm impressed with the afghans- handsome people. Also when we had a 20million $ bounty on osama. Nobody gave him up. I would like to think i wouldn't give up somebody, but for 20 mil, grandma would prolly be throw under the bus.

It is extremely hard to find a good gunsmith in the US. I spent months trying to get the pull adjusted on a trigger of a rifle i own.

A gamewarden position went unfilled for 20yrs where i grew up. Preceding warden was kilt. situation is this; penalties are harsh they can confiscate truck guns and fines amount to thousands. You in isolated woods, with gun, when caught? do math.

The guy that finally took warden job lasted becuase he was ninja. no shit.