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The Calumnies that May be Hurled Against You
Civil War Update - MILO fan Pepper Sprayed during UC Berkeley Riots

Another ambush of a Trump supporter by a Leftist thug. This time with pepper spray.

FYI: spraying people with pepper spray without just cause is categorized as a felony assault and battery in many states. It’s not a joke. It’s the policy of many metro police forces that if someone tries to use pepper spray on an officer that the officer use his gun to terminate the assault. If someone launches a surprise criminal assault on you with a device or substance intended to incapacitate you, like pepper spray, it’s logical to assume the worst, i.e. that the perpetrator will not show moral restraint when you are at his mercy and that he has some nefarious purpose in mind. So you would be reasonably in fear of death or grievous bodily harm (torture, rape, kidnapping, cripple you for life beat down, all of the above) at the hands of such an assailant, AND the mob he is a part of. Leftist thugs like this would no doubt be motivated by extreme malice toward you if you are a Trump supporter.

There would be no reason to believe that other people would intervene on your behalf. Your actions will be judged on the “totality of the circumstances”, that is to say what a reasonable person would believe was possible and likely to occur. If you defend yourself successfully you are liable to end up in court, so you must be prepared to articulately justify your actions in accordance with the law and game the system as criminals do. Your assailants and their friends will tell lies about you to the police (SJWs always lie), but its easier to defend the truth than it is to defend a lie. So if you have the truth on your side you have a powerful ally despite the calumnies that may be hurled against you.

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