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‘Then Under Execution’
A Bad Man on the Run

June 10, 1756

The Pennsylvania Gazette


RUN away about the middle of April last, from the Sheriff of Kent county on Delaware, being then under execution [1] a certain James Fulton, by trade a weaver, but has for some time past followed pedling, and horse jockeying, north of Ireland born, speaks broad, about five feet six inches high, thin visaged, and has a Roman nose.

Whoever takes up and secures said James Fulton in any of his majesty goals, shall receive the above reward of Three Pounds, and all other reasonable charges, paid by CAESAR RODNEY.


1. It was unlikely that James was being held for execution for one of the two hundred capital offenses recognized in England, such as steeling food. Most colonies had much more lenient statutes, so this charge he was held under may be one we would recognize as a capital offense, such as murder or treason. Colonial leniency may be understood by the great need for slave labor.

America in Chains

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