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Lannis, Thank You
We Would Like to Offer You a Tour of Vacant Houses in East Baltimore

First, you will board the #19 Bus at Towson Town Center at 9 p.m., on the glittering cusp of Whitebreadistan. You will ride with the men just released from the Hagerstown penitentiary via the Towson Jail.

You will offload at Baltimore Street and walk two blocks South to Pratt.

Make a left, and take a photo of the first Chinese tourist you see being mugged by Dindus. Save it as your screen saver and board the #10 bus to Bullneck Road—-don't worry, you'll never make it to the end of the line.

Hop off the bus at Butcher's Hill and Patterson Park and make your way up to the gazebo where Stick sells oxys. Text him the photo—he has a fetish for black on Asian crime—and he will give you a crow bar and direct you to your destination, where your adventure in archaeology shall begin...

Thank you so much, Lannis.


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