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'Who Determines What's a Nazi?'
MMA fighter Jake Shields stepped between a mob and a Trump supporter

When these anti-Trump/anti-Milo rioters call someone “Hitler” or a “Nazi” they are telling the world they believe they have the right to kill that person. Not just the right, they have the DUTY to kill them. A duty to all Humanity. Nazi’s are totally evil racists and genocidal murderers after all. They are “Hostis humani generis”, an enemy to Mankind, like pirates and slavers of old, and thus deserve to die at the hands of any righteous person, right? But who gets to determine who is a “Nazi”, eh? Well, we know who those self-appointed arbiters of right and wrong are now, don’t we? If you’re not on their side they’re out to kill you. Don’t kid yourself about that.

"I don't think those people are capable of rationalizing," he said. "I think they've switched their brains to where if you have a different opinion of them, you're a Nazi. I hate Nazis, too, but who determines what's a Nazi?

“Shields, 38, had just finished dinner with his girlfriend in the school's vicinity when he saw a man, wearing a Trump hat and "covered in blood," being chased through the streets.”

"There were hundreds of them around, with weapons, so I was trying to diffuse the situation with the least amount of effort possible," he said. "Generally, when you throw a punch, guys back off."

"I stood around and tried to stop some other people from getting beat, and it just kept getting more and more chaotic, so eventually I left," he said. "There were just too many people and too many weapons, so it was time for me to get out of there. I tried to get the police to do their job, but they weren't willing to."

Why WSOF fighter Jake Shields stepped between a mob and a Trump supporter

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Sam J.February 5, 2017 12:59 AM UTC

I think one of the best ways to handle this is to make wearing a mask at a pubic disturbance illegal and Trump to pass a law that makes concealed carry legal across State lines. That way if they start attacking people they'll know there's some likelihood that they may be shot.

The real problem is the Police refuse to stop these people which is really the local governments wish to attack and punish Trump supporters.

In some ways this will sort itself out over time by itself. People will just pack up and move away from an area were masked Men can attack you at will. Businesses will move when they decide that mobs can at any time roam around and torch their business and the city sits back and twiddles their thumbs.

It would actually be fine if the city did nothing if they wouldn't discriminate but if you fight the mob back how much you want to bet the Police suddenly spring into action?