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'Collapsing the System'
I Was Assaulted At The UC Berkeley Anti-Milo Riot - Stefam Molyneaux

In case you haven’t seen this already James. I know you follow Stefan’s YouTube channel. I’ve included some commentary on the incident by Vox Day as well. Enjoy!

Obviously if you attend some Pro-Trump political rally or other event that is likely to be targeted by Leftist, Fascist, “Antifa” thugs, you’d best be prepared to fight back and fight ruthlessly. First of all follow the James LaFond doctrine: Don’t talk and don’t argue, that will only make you a stationary target for compatriots of the thug you are talking too to step in from the side and sucker punch you or pepper spray you. At this point the only way to make the Antifa thugs more open-minded will be to crack their skulls open. That should be left to the cops, of course. Nobody is suggesting here that anybody break the law. In fact I believe that maintaining a purely defensive posture and staying on the right side of the law is the best course of action for white conservatives/ patriots for the time being. Let the Left continue to show the world their true face. Let them show everyone else on earth that behind their mask of compassion is pure hatred for everything good, normal and productive. Once the Left has succeed in collapsing the system their will be no law to protect them.

As we have noted many before white conservatives tend to be afflicted with “normalcy bias “ and freeze up in such situations because they can’t believe the attack is happening to them, much less formulate an effective response off the cuff. Your world has changed so don’t be surprised. At least Katrina and her husband reportedly had the foresight to wear Kevlar vests to this event. That no doubt saved Katrina’s husband from being killed when the Antifa thugs put the boots to him.

I would go so far is to have someone I know stand by with bail money and have the number of a lawyer they can contact on your behalf, just in case you have to go medieval on Antifa thugs to protect yourself and your loved ones. Nothing is as likely to change the disposition of your case as having competent legal counsel show up at your arraignment. That was as true during the Salem Witch Trials as it is today.

“But most importantly, stop relying on the police and the media! They are not going to defend you, they are not going to take your side, and they are not going to give you a fair shake.”

- Vox Day

“I’m Sheriff Clarke. To avoid being a victim of crime you don’t have to be the toughest or fastest person on the block. Your age and gender don’t matter either. Here’s what’s important…attention to your surroundings is critical…recognize the threat… know who’s around you when walking down the street, getting into your car or going into your home. And if you smell trouble??? Trust your instincts…be decisive…use the element of surprise against your attacker, and most importantly, be ruthless in your response. Are you ready?”

- Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee County, radio PSA.

I Was Assaulted At The UC Berkeley Anti-Milo Riot - Stefan Molyneaux

Attacked at Berkley

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BobMarch 15, 2017 3:59 AM UTC

Typo alert: "Stefan Molyneux" is the correct spelling. Cheers.
DavidFebruary 5, 2017 9:25 PM UTC

Milo needs to come to Ole Miss or MSU even Ms Southern,, be some serious ass kicken going on ,,, we don't start fights ,grandpa said ,, but we damn sho will finish one