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15 Actionable Tips
Staying Safe During Times of Civil Unrest - Bearing Arms

“When bad people are beaten by good people, they deserve it.”

- Mao Ze Dong, “Thoughts of Chairman Mao”

“The rise of mob violence, riots, and outright targeting of people by domestic terrorist groups – like Antifa, Communists, Black Lives Matter, and other Soros-funded radical far-left groups – isn’t to be taken lightly.”

Sage counsel. Tip number one is the identical advice for protecting yourself from a nuclear strike: don’t be there when it happens.

But if you can’t follow that advice the first thing to do before going to a riot is to check your car insurance policy. Most of them have an exclusionary clause where the policy won’t pay up if your car is wrecked in a war, civil disorder or nuclear attack. You might want to borrow someone else’s car then. Same principle applies to commercial life insurance polices, most have a “war clause”.

Don’t forget your nut cup, mouth guard, safety glasses/googles and a big bandana.

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Eirik BloodaxeFebruary 5, 2017 5:31 PM GMT+4

Good advice James, just don't fuckin' be there. Let them burn cities down; just don't burn with them. Let them smash businesses and destroy the capitalist economy that feeds their parasitic selves; just don't be there. In the future, these rats can have the cities, and be quarantined there, eating each other. Zombie apocalypse, now!