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Jeremy Bentham Reporting and Retorting on the Fall of Civilization

Drug War Update

- Marijuana, Guns Seized in Maryland Eastern Shore Drug Bust

Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Drugs worth $50K, AK-47 confiscated, authorities say

Man injured in shooting at Baltimore coffee shop

Sounds like a hit.

Red Emma’s? I’m guessing it’s not a Republican hangout, eh?

Jeremy, Red Emma's is a communist theme bar! It is just north of the gay section of Charles Street on North Avenue.


Child Soldier Captured

Race War Update - Arkansas boy, 12, accused of fatally shooting store clerk

Texas boy finds rattlesnake in toilet, 23 more found under home

What’s scarier than snakes on a plane?

On the upside the rattlesnakes no doubt cleaned out any rats or mice that were nesting underneath the house.

Car crashes through Maryland man's home for fifth time in 45 years

‘Damn, another car hit my house!'"

Jihad Update

- Machete-wielding Louvre terror attack suspect near death

He must be one of those militant Amish. He was yelling “Allahu Akbar”, like those Amish always do when you buy a quilt from them, eh?

The Great Wall of Zuckerberg

- Master of the Universe Builds Six-foot High - Mile Long Wall around Hawaiian Estate

Keeping out the Huns, Mongols, Picts, Kanakas and Trumpsters. Walls for me, but not for thee. Dispossessing the already dispossessed natives with law suits as well.

“It's always fun to watch one segment of socially conscious progressivism light into another segment of socially conscious progressivism.”

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