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Game Wardens
Claude Dallas: A Little Known Type of Law Officer and His Fierce Adversary

James, I would never condone this kind of behavior, but word was that the two wardens pushed a known belligerent too far, I have seen heavy- handed behavior like this myself. As with you on the street, never mess with a crazy hunter, unless you can handle the situation.

Ishmael, I have long wanted to read Jeff Long’s book on Dallas. Thank you for sending this very informative link.


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IshmaelFebruary 4, 2017 8:48 PM UTC

I was offered a job in south western Wyoming, as a warden, my boss wanted me closer so I could work for him part- time, guiding. There be rowdy boys in Cokeville, oil riggers, full time guides, range hands, had a friend lose all front teeth in a bar from ax handle, loggers kicked ass that day. I would have been by myself at times, patrolling wilderness, full of these assholes!