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Set Your Phaser on Stun
Maryland Women fears ex will kill her when he leaves prison; law won’t let her have Taser

"The right of self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred and alike necessary to nations and to individuals."

- President James Monroe

The Anti-Self-Defense movement at work in Maryland.

“Even if the use of force is necessary, she could be arrested and prosecuted and she’d be “at the mercy of police, prosecutors and jurors who will have weeks or months to second guess a decision to use deadly force made in seconds,” the lawsuit said. There’s nothing to stop an injured attacker from suing — or his family from doing so if he died. She’d have to hire a lawyer and go to court and defend herself. And for the rest of her life she’d have to deal with the emotional toll of having killed a man. A stun gun, which uses a paralyzing, painful electric shock to incapacitate a person, is a less lethal option and, for Baran, one that’s more acceptable.”

“The suit says depriving Baran and others of the right to carry a Taser is “inconsistent with the Second Amendment.”

As a practical matter the woman would be better off using the gun the article says she has if she fears being murdered. Tasers are best used on perpetrators who DO NOT pose a lethal threat. The Taser enables police to subdue a unruly person without having to beat him up and/or suffer injury in return. However if the person is armed with a lethal weapon and intends to kill, the Taser many not do the job, as experience has taught us. (Pensacola man kills two deputies while being Tasered).

On the other hand if a person lacks the resolve to kill to save his own life then a gun might not do him much good either and a less than lethal weapon like the Taser may be his best option.

Regardless of the above considerations on the use of Tasers, this woman’s lawsuit could be a landmark case that forces Maryland to change its oppressive laws and allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves in their own defense. The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that the Second Amendment protects the private ownership of electric stun guns and Tasers. (Supreme Court Gives Boost to Stun Gun Owners).

“Referring to its landmark 2008 ruling on handguns in the home, the justices said the Second Amendment applies "to all instruments that constitute bearable arms," even those not in existence at the time of the founding.”

So set your phaser on stun.

© Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg An employee tests an X26 Taser during production in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S., in 2015.

Women fears ex will kill her when he leaves prison; law won’t let her have Taser

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