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Posting or Stand Hunting
Ishmael Explains Spotting for a Coordinated Herbivore Hunt

When I hunt with my son, grandsons, my son-in-law, being young, they are able to traverse the steep canyons in the west, more nimble than the old greybeards. I am nowadays, assigned to geezerhood, the post or take a stand, hunting.

This is your typical sniper or lookout post, ambush in Baltimore. I take a perch, high, head of a canyon, knoll in plateau land, filled with mesa's. I'm traffic control, will set up if possible in a shaded spot, to break my outline and watch as the boys bushwhack their way through a pre-designated area. I have binos, spotting scope, and my long range shooting platform, and take notes mentally of movement of the herbivore kind. The hunters will canvas the area, taking deer, elk, as they move through, I look for stragglers, the backdoor, as the game circle around behind or move laterally.

The village idiot is shot early in the drive, usually a young deer or elk, the veteran bucks, are hard to dig out, but they generally look for a weak spot in the hunters advance. That is where the snipers come in to the game. Find a clear shot, letting the hunters mov through, to safely drop the hammer on the game that has evaded the silent drive.

We meet and talk about the next move, with the information the spotter has accumulated.

James, does this sound familiar?

Ishmael, it sounds like an adult hoodrat female sitting on a bench with her government phone calling in her sons on their bootleg smart phones when she sees an old paleface limping toward the ATM machine.

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