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‘So As Her Master May Have Her Again’
An Irish Wench on the Lamb

August 5, 1756

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Run away the 22d of June, from Anthony Whitley, of New Castle, a servant woman, named Mary Cromel, born in Ireland, of a middle size, pretty fat, broad face, flat nose, [1] has a lump above one eye, [1] black hair, which she wears down her neck.

Had on when she went away, a linsey woolsey petticoat, with broad stripes of black and white, and is suspected of having some stolen goods with her.

Whoever secures her in any goal, so as her master may have her again, shall have Twenty Shillings reward, and reasonable charges, paid by ANTHONY WHITLY.


1. One convenience of beating one’s servants was the ability to describe them by the marks and indentations left by the weapon applied to her punishments, in this case probably her master's fist.

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