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‘A Large Group of Teens’
‘Moving Through My Neighborhood at 11 P.M.?’ A Man Question from Joan

“James, the people that commented on this report on our next door neighborhood watch site were wondering how these children were out on the street, why they’re out and about in a mob and why don’t their parents control them.”


Joan, we know teens is PC code for young blacks, who will range from 10-18 years of age. I am aware of the neighborhood you live in and know it to be in a Dindu overrun phase, vacant houses popping up, government subsidized broods of fatherless youth moving in, mob assaults on the street in broad daylight, even in front of the police station, etc.

These youth are out looking for pedestrians and people going to and from their cars, to recreationally beat, rob and car jack—which enables recreation of a higher sort as they go on a joy ride, assured that they are too young to do prison time. Groups this size rarely break and enter at night, though they are known to stage daylight home invasions. These punks are on patrol for pedestrians and transitioning motorists.

Why do their parents let them out of the house:

1. Mamma does not care what her chylin’ be doin.’

2. Mamma has a boyfriend and wants to get busy on his vertical python without punkass brats that belong to some otha nigga interrupting her groove.

3. Mamma ordered steamed shrimp and doesn’t want to share, so sends her kids outside “to play.”

4. Mamma has beaten the stuffing out of her chyle, who wants to go out and vent his/her frustration on some easy target.

5. Mamma is out of food stamp and EBT cash and details her boy or boys to go out and find some white folks and “take they shit.” She will often give a verbal shopping list, like “I need a leather jacket,” “your little brother needs a starter jacket,” “your sister needs an I-pod.”

6. Mamma's little thugs no longer listen to the big mean bitch and do what they please.

Joan, there are many reasons why Mamma lets her children stay out all night long, from neglect, hate, lust, hunger and greed. Do not walk your dog at night unless it’s a Dire Wolf.

Thriving in Bad Places

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PRFebruary 6, 2017 10:36 PM GMT+4

Shoot them with a .177 pellet gun in the hands or legs.