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To ‘Bank’
Another Example of How the Blacks Saved English



taken from the cracker noun, bank, meaning a place where Whitey keeps his money and also the terrain feature known as a bank, often separating sidewalks from row houses in Baltimore City and County.


one who banks

To “bank” someone is to ambush them, usually reserved to lionize the beating and sometime robbery of an individual by one or more attackers, but rarely more than two. The personal nature of banking vests it with a moral character that sets the banker above the mere mob.

A banking is not just a hit and run or sucker punch. Either a dominance beating will be administered to the downed target or something will be brazenly taken from him or her. A proper banking involves a terse scolding of the target person, wich formally includes a status designation as “bitch-ass nigga” or “muvafuckin’ cracka.”

The origin of this term comes from the practice of blind-siding a boy riding his bike down the sidewalk, by one or two boys shoving him into the grass bank, pinning him under the bike while he is served a beat down. The bike may, or may not, be taken. The bike is always taken when one or more “bankers” spring into action. This attack is also used against fences and parked vehicles and is a favorite way of establishing dominance over a residential area.

The usual victim of such attacks is not a bike rider, although this is now a preferred method for taking skateboards from riders so that the larger attacker may use the skateboard as a weapon or breaking-and-entering tool.

Despite the illustrious origin of the term bank, the current method of “jacking” bikes usually involves engaging a rider in conversation with a question such as, “Yo, what you doin’ with ma bike?” so that they may be punched out while standing astraddle their bike and engaging in conversation.

Not withstanding the bifurcating morphology of form and function associated with this seminal expansion of English diction, bank stands as another shining example of how the blacks saved English!

Thriving in Bad Places

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LazerFebruary 7, 2017 2:10 PM UTC

If sidewalks have not been shovelled (which is illegal after a certain time period) and one is forced to walk in the street, sometimes cars will attempt to bank you.

They will even turn their lights off so you cant see them coming. The driver will wait until they are close enough behind you then accelerate. In this scenario the word refers to the action taken by the victim. They have to dive head first into a bank of snow to avoid harm.