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Dindustan from Down Under
New Zealand Based View of a World in Turmoil

Beware driverless cars

they make car jacking simple for the dindus ...

Who'd have thought it, eh?

Martial arts analysed

Hi James,

Saw this, it raised a smile and I thought of you ...

Hey, Phil, thanks for this. I got a chuckle out of it, making fun of the often parochial world of combat training.


Enjoy (or not, as the case may be ...). >};o)

Baltimore mentioned in dispatches

Interesting that this article should specifically mention that Baltimore seems to encourage (or at least deliberately ignore information) that could prevent urban riots, property destruction etc.

Now ... I wonder why that is? Let me think ...

Best regards


Phil, I'm not kidding when I call this place an experiment anarcho-tyranny zone. It's only 40 miles from the Big House after all!


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