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Survival Priority Targets with the Stick
‘On the Street What Is My Priority Target Flow?’ A Man Question from Charles

The following is advice for elite level stick-fighters.

If you are facing an unarmed individual, just hit the hand and knee—unless it’s some overwhelming monster, like a Goldberg or Mike Tyson. This gets us to the crux of the matter, is your life hanging in the balance?

If it’s just a guy your size, you are in legal jeopardy for even picking up the stick.

If it’s a bigger dude you must show restraint and not target the head, unless, as I said, he’s a raging freak.

If he is hiding his right hand, you have reason to believe that he has a knife, so take the head with a shift away from his open side, away from the knife, and hopefully this stroke whistles by his face and he backs off. If he is hyper-aggressive and tries to get through the stroke take the end of the stick through his jaw. This will not kill him but may KO him [which could kill him on concrete] or scatter his teeth.

If he has a weapon in a refused hand—like a prison stabbing approach—shatter the side of his head and kill him with the lateral to the ear. I don’t want you to kill him, but you must know that a stroke from a power stick fighter to the side of the head is likely to kill. This is equal to a club to the side of the head in the hands of a normal man. The basic advantage of a stick fighter in combat is he has club power but knife mobility.

But, if the weapon is held forward, he is afraid of you and the stick, so give him a way out by redondoing or Xing to the hand. If he’s cagey and circles, use backhand slashes at his face to keep him back and get him to separate his hand from his body so you can break it and disarm him.

If you are attacked by a group, you must consider that the stick is a terrible weapon against larger, more numerous and aggressive foes. Against a group, you are in danger of stomping, rape and of stabbing, since 1-in-3 young men now carry a knife. Against a group everything needs to be a KO shot. This means that you probably kill a dude, so you better work at least two of them over with the stick or you will be doing time. That old karate adage about KOing one guy so that the rest flee, just puts you in prison. In any situation against a group, if you serious injure or kill one, you must injure and at least viably damage every potential witness, in order to take them out of the witness pool.

Against a group your top priority is to move away from or around the center of group mass while dropping a perimeter body and then posting around that body. It is not a sword or machete it’s a stick. With a big blade you can be more direct as you cleave into the group, but not with a stick, unless you’re some big steamroller like Rico, in which case you want to go deep and bruise all the meat you can before it scatters and calls in reinforcements—which includes cops.

The above advice is not to be taken for security or police work unless the officer finds himself cutoff from backup and in a lethal situation.


Never come down on top of the head, ever. That might destroy your stick and does not maximize your range-from-target.

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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LazerFebruary 11, 2017 3:11 PM UTC is perfect. Its a water bottle, you will never be dehydrated again, and probably wont dent when you hit a dindu as its steel. Plus it has a strap you can wrap around your hand so the fucker cant grab it away.

Cons are that its small. Also if the assailant does grab it your wrist could sprain from the added stress on the strap.
Sam J.February 10, 2017 12:55 AM UTC

I was thinking about weapons the other day and our poor Indian store keeper that had his bat taken away and then used to whack him. A good weapon would be a cane with a built in taser. The taser would have contacts on the bottom and also on the shaft towards the end. That way if the Orc tried to grab the cane a little trigger would give him some heat. A shorter stick is needed if you are just stick fighting so you can keep control of the stick but with a taser on the end you could get more length, and leverage for whacking, without worrying about it being taken away. How long is your cane James?