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Barricade situation follows deadly city shooting, police say

Saliqa A. Khan Digital Editor


Individuals suspected in a deadly shooting are holed up in a barricade situation in Baltimore, police said.

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The War Room

HCPD and Feds Make Big Bust of BGF and Bloods in Edmonson Ave Area

Jeremy, every time the feds hit the BGF more people get shot on the street as the "fresh sets" try to muscle into the vacuum and BGF redeploys stop gap personnel from a manpower reservoir that includes D.C. neighboring counties and states and active duty military. As usual the drug war will increase the violence.


Baltimore Police DepartmentBrandon Pride [Photo of dead-eyed killer]

Authorities announce indictments of 9 in Edmondson Avenue violence

Baltimore police, ATF part of 2-month war room investigation

Saliqa A. Khan Digital Editor


Authorities announced the indictments of several violent repeat offenders in a two-month-long war room investigation focusing on crime in the Edmondson Avenue area.

Baltimore police were joined with members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to announce the indictments during a news conference Tuesday morning.

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