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White Pathology: UK Style
By Andrew Ryan

UK government figures indicate that 45 percent of all new homes built in the next five years will be for migrants: Britain will need 243,000 new homes each year with 109,000 extra homes needed by migrants, for at least the next 22 years. Over this period an extra 5.3 million new properties will be needed with an extra 2.4 million being devoted to the spiralling migrant population. A new home will thus need to be built every five minutes to house the mighty migrants.

Where will this lead to? Ultimately the end of Britain, as like most countries in the West, it faces social overload and racial disintegration. The Dark Lords who profit from real estate love mass migration, which serves the dual role of maximising profits and demographically destroying Nordic (Northern European) peoples. They seem to think that they will survive the decline in their high tech security homes, which they are fast building: Dark Lords do not survive on cockroaches alone.

However, the end result of this demographic assault, which is what mass migration is, is that people of all races hunker down and social capital declines as shown by Robert D. Putnam’s work:

As an example of this, the opening of a refugee housing centre in Leipzig has led to residents building a fortified fence of 1.63 metres high around their housing complex, making residents feel like they are in a ghetto. They are, for that is the end result of the plague of multiculturalism:

If traitorous governments don’t defend borders, people will raise borders on every street, around every house. The battlegrounds of the future world, will be everywhere: William S. Lind, 4th Generation Warfare Handbook (2015).

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