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‘On Getting Bitten’
For Those Interested in the Science of Snake Bite Treatments by William Rapier

Here is an excellent short article about the history of snake bite treatments in Australia, a country full of deadly fuckin’ snakes, only some being in reptilian form.

There have been, proportionately, a small number of fatalities relative to both snake numbers and human numbers, because both populations are generally shit scared of each other. But accidents happen, especially to dopey kids in summer time:

The problem of dealing with snake bite is not generally solved, as the article observes, by the anti-venene approaches, as there are still severe reactions in some patients. Clearly, common sense in not getting bitten, as with human snakes, is the best bet.

I have spoken to outback Aborigines here who survived snake bite from deadly brown snakes, by having a bandage tightly wrapped around the bite to slow the venom spread, and keeping still for three days. Not easy to do, lying there in your own piss and shit, but probably better than dying.

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LynnFebruary 9, 2017 11:11 AM UTC

It is quite possible that the Aborigines have some genetic advantage against snake bites as well. Would be interesting to know more.