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Black Serial Killers?
James, once again you are on the cutting edge of societal devolution

Racial Stereotypes Probably Led Cops To Miss The Existence Of Several Black Serial Killers.

Datamining moneyball techniques have turned up overlooked black serial killers.

“Our society developed a big stereotype that serial killers are white. And serial killers are, indeed, probably whiter than run of the mill killers. But that racial stereotype probably led cops to miss the existence of several black serial killers.”

James, once again you are on the cutting edge of societal devolution….

Jeremy, I take this as something of a backhanded compliment, "Pass the femur bone, please. No, nigga, not da poke bone, da big-ass beef bone!" But alas, Jeremy, I forgive thee. It is of great interest that the 300-plus murders every year in Baltimore, are attributed, by the BPD, to between 100 and 160 "trigger-pullers" or known shooters at large, for which enough evidence is not in hand to arrest and charge. Given the dismal closure rates for homicides in Baltimore that roughly translates—once 20% inter-gang war casualties among shooters are taken into account along with the 2% conviction rate—into 100 known black serial killers at large in Baltimore City! Come on, the definition is three kills! That ain't jack-shit, bro! Three kills—is yo serious o' delirious? We had a teenage girl in Shitcago rack up at least eight kills, dawg.

However, I cannot escape as sense of pride that palefaces serial killers are comparatively over represented, which I blame on European mega-fauna. Tyrone T. Caveman had lions and elephants and chimps to battle. But Jobob T. Caveman had mammoths, saber-toothed tigers and Neanderthals to hone his skills on!

As I recall you were once asked why you thought there are no black serial killers, and you observed that the existence of black serial killers is largely a matter of definition. Indeed it is! Among other factors there are so many unsolved murders in the black community that it is hard for the authorities to accurately discern the motives behind them all. What’s the statistics on unsolved missing persons cases among blacks for that matter? Further, it’s much easier to hide bodies in blighted and abandoned urban ghettos than it is in the suburbs and gentrified neighborhoods, isn’t it? You don’t have to take the time to dig a deep grave to hide the smell of decay.

“In our culture, it’s disastrous to one’s career to be overtly biased against blacks, but almost nobody notices if you are overtly biased against whites.”

Yes indeed, before the Civil rights Act of 1964 it was legal in America to discriminate against blacks. Since 1964 it has been legal in America to discriminate against whites. Likewise it NOT acceptable to “stereotype” black behavior, but it IS permissible, encouraged even, to stereotype whites in every way. So the police are compelled to search for the Great White Defendant, just as in the various Dick Wolf TV productions like Law & Order SVU and Chicago PD. In all fairness though, setting aside the fact that non-white villains don’t fit the preferred Leftist narrative, one has to admit that “Agatha Christie” aberrational type murder mysteries set in affluent white communities makes for more interesting television than most portrayals of the banal and depraved crimes that are committed in urban black communities on a daily basis would be. “The Wire“ not withstanding.

Interestingly, Jeremy there is much urban myth—some of which has made it into low budget straight-to-video movies—about urban creatures such as money-hording dwarves and my favorite "the nigga in the hood," which prey upon black children, gang bangers, absent fathers and brutal mothers, in much the same way as Michael Myers and Jason preyed on cheerleaders and lettermen. The crossover figure between the two cultures is Freddie Kruger, with creepy killer white men who skulk through black hoods at night often called Freddie Kruger. I have been so named thrice. My friend Crazy Mark was thought to be an urban Sasquatch! Jeremy, you might even say that I am partially reluctant to move for the abandonment of my mythic boogieman status. It's much more satisfying to the aging paleface ego to have black kids bunch up and slink away than to have white kids ignore you when you are out on your evening walk...

Gary, Indiana strangler Darren Deon Vann—Gary had many abandoned homes for him to hide the bodies in.

Moneyballing Serial Killers–Racial Stereotypes Probably Led Cops To Miss The Existence Of Several Black Serial Killers.

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mFebruary 10, 2017 9:15 PM UTC

Here is another black serial killer-

what was interesting was that most of his victims had not even

been reported missing until bodies began to be found.