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Ethnic Cleansing of Americans by Judicial Fiat
By the Butthole Surfer

The Republicans/Big Business and Democrats shifted California to a deep blue state over the course of 30-40 years in a county-by-county campaign of ethnic cleansing through immigration and bussing. First, LA County was turned blue by bussing blacks to white schools and vice-versa. Adam Carolla talks about this on his radio show. All of the families moved out to ORange County and the freakish liberal whites, Mexicans, and blacks remained, though Mexicans were rare until they were brought to Southern California in increasing numbers to work in the factories. Before the Rodney King riots of the early '90s, LA County was the number-one manufacturing area in the world, and it was hard to find whites who wanted to work unless it was "working" for the government.

Many of the inland counties turned blue due to illegal Mexican labor brought in to work for agribusiness. Orange County, once a bastion of Republican voters and evangelicals, was one of the last to fall due to immigration from all over the world: Asia, the Middle East, and Mexico/Latin America.

Mostly, the state was turned blue through Latin American immigration. We passed Proposition 187 in 1994 to deny government services and benefits (such as public schooling) to illegal immigrants, but a coalition of Republican and Democrat 'lawmakers' judge-shopped for the right judge to overturn the will of the people in a lawsuit. California's failure as a state is now history.

The Left and cuck Republicans are now trying to accomplish this on a national level. California European-Americans kind of had it coming, being of the Land of Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes. This state seems to attract the worst from all over the country, and now the world. Also, we had no kids, certainly none who wanted to work. But the rest of the country needs to be defended from this judicial tyranny.

Pitchfork Pat is right: impeach the judges!

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PRFebruary 13, 2017 10:54 PM UTC

I'm not so sure, guest. Think about the jobs you need done around the house, the goods you need produced, and the jobs you need help with at work. Then go through your mental white rolodex and ask yourself who you could pay to do them. My friend is a union electrical foreman and says the work ethic sucks now, so it's not just the bottom or top of the labor scale. It's the same problem as finding a suitable husband for one of your wife's decent friends. Which of the men you know would make a suitable husband for, say, your sister or one of your wife's friends?

James, maybe bump this? We need to have this discussion out, at least in my mind.
responds:February 14, 2017 11:42 PM UTC

I'll post your comment with one by myself for an article tomorrow.

guestFebruary 11, 2017 10:46 AM UTC

Don't be silly Lynn, the ONLY reason Mexicans are preferred (or Indians in Silicon Valley) is because they are cheaper, and can be paid with beans under the table, literally and figuratively!

One honky remains as productive are several minos, how is that lazy?
PRFebruary 10, 2017 9:16 PM UTC

Bill Kristol is a decadent lazy Jew who has made his money writing opinions for "think" tanks his entire career. He has always been hostile to Americans as long as I can remember. Pundits like him typically pull in about $400k/year to turn out a handful of articles and lectures every year.

There is a problem with the white work ethic. Striver yuppy white parents tell their kids to go to "college" and travel in their 20s and don't want them doing anything in high school that might take time away from padding their college resumes. They're told they're special snowflakes growing up so that when they finally do want to get a job after studying psychology or pre-law in "college" and traveling the next decade, they're in for a rude awakening. Few of them want to study anything useful like engineering or learn a trade.

Lower-class whites have disintegrating families as Charles Murray documented in "Coming Apart" which Bill Kristol referenced the AEI talk you alluded to. The answer to that problem is not ethnically cleansing whites and replacing them with new Americans but who might hold values hostile to their new nation. The answer is figuring out how to promote marriage, family and Christianity. The government can certainly help with the first two items on that list and should stay away from the third. Divorce should be outlawed, single mothers should no longer be subsidized by the government, and abortion should be outlawed. This would be good for all races.

Mostly whites have given up on Christianity and family which is why they're in a demographic winter. Employers are hard-pressed to find any employable young white Americans. Zero Hedge had a post up the other day about how employment agencies find that 60% of Americans can't pass a drug test and failed to answer properly, "How many days is it acceptable to take off a week" (the correct answer is "zero".)

I am merely describing what happened, not prescribing any solution other than impeaching the judges.

The South Americans I know seem to be a lot more ambitious than the Mexicans. The latter work hard in the first generation but don't have the academic skills or maybe the cognitive skills to ever catch up economically, even several generations into their experience in the United States. They seem to underperform their IQ distribution, though I'd have to run the numbers to verify this.
Sam J.February 10, 2017 5:50 PM UTC

"...Do you think he has a tiny bit of a point?..."

Yeah if you're a Jew and want everyone to slave away for you constantly so they can corral every last penny on the planet.

A better question. Is your life defined by how much profit you can squeeze out of your carcass in your lifetime? Is that what you want? Is that the only possible value?

If parents say they slaved away to make a better life for their kids than they had then...just when do we get the better life?

Well can't have that. Import hoards of hungry mouths to compete.

If it's bad for the Jew it's good for the USA.
LynnFebruary 10, 2017 11:57 AM UTC

Bill Kristol is rightfully catching heat for complaining about lazy whites. Do you think he has a tiny bit of a point? I think immigration itself is partly to blame for stigmatizing any work that doesn't require a master's degree. I am a "white-passing" (100% old world ancestry) child of South American immigrants and my sibs and I are big time strivers. I remember the mom of my best friend telling my mom that my best friend did not study hard because she never doubted she would be able to get a good job as a white American, where as my sibs and I were "Latino" and had to prove ourselves. She isn't just competing against Mexicans anymore, though, joke is on her!