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From the Robert E. Howard Lexicon

"He stared at the beauties of his seraglio, who, according to Tatar custom, tremblingly served their new masters: black-haired Jewesses, with slumberous, heavy-lidded eyes, lithe tawny Circassians and golden-haired Russians, dark-eyed Greek girls and Turkish women with figures like Juno—all naked as the day they were born, under the burning eyes of the Tatar lords."

-Lord of Samarcand

There is no accident that the Ottoman Turkish name for their harem came from the Italian, for the bulk of Ottoman sex slaves [including castrated English men and boys] were trafficked to Istanbul by Venetian slavers.

The seraglio is perhaps the Asian convention that Howard most often employs in both his fantasy and historic adventures.






the women's apartments (harem) in an Ottoman palace.

•the women inhabiting a seraglio or harem.

2.a Turkish or Ottoman palace, especially the Sultan's court and government offices at Constantinople.


late 16th cent.: from Italian serraglio, via Turkish from Persian sarāy ‘palace’; compare with serai.


seraglio (noun)

seraglios (plural noun)

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