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The Harm City Parthian Shot
Body cam footage shows man pointing gun at Baltimore officer

Check out the video. The dindu is running away when he suddenly turns and points his pistol backwards at the pursuing detective…and that’s when he gets turned into Swiss cheese.

Curtis Jamal Deal fatally shot by officer Tuesday

Updated: 6:15 PM EST Feb 9, 2017


Baltimore police released body camera footage that shows a man fatally shot by an officer pointing a gun at the policeman.

Police identified the man Thursday as Curtis Jamal Deal, 18, and later identified the officer as Detective David Kincaid Jr., who has been with the department for five years.

Police said Deal jumped out of a car Kincaid was following Tuesday and ran. Body camera footage shows Kincaid chasing Deal before coming face-to-face with him and firing. The footage shows Deal clutching a gun and raising it toward Kincaid before the shots were fired.

"Mr. Deal pointed a loaded gun at a Baltimore police officer, period," Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

Kincaid fired seven shots, four of which hit Deal, who did not fire his weapon.

"These police officers chased a bad guy with a gun, and that takes bravery and courage, and it takes a commitment and dedication that I'm proud of, and I think our community should be proud of as well," Davis said.

Police are still looking for the people that were in the car with Deal.

Deal had been arrested three times in the past month on gun and drug charges. Deal became a person of interest in a homicide in December. He was arrested twice in January—on Jan. 4 and Jan. 30—on charges of handgun violation and heroin possession. He was most recently arrested on Feb. 2 on drug and firearm charges.

On Monday, Deal got out on bail. In his most recent arrest, an assistant state's attorney requested that Deal be held without bail, but the judge reduced that to $250,000 unsecured bond, which means Deal wouldn't have to pay unless he didn't show up to court, so he got out. His next court appearance was scheduled to be Feb. 16, and he was due in court for the other arrests on March 2.

"We can't just look to the police for these answers," Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott said. "If this young man was in prison where he should have been, he would still be here and his family would not be suffering with that trauma of a life lost."

"When we talk about the criminal justice system, it's not just about the cops. It's not just about the prosecutors. You've got to add the judges to that," Davis said.

Kincaid is on routine administrative leave.

KGA Audio Police-Involved shooting

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BaruchKFebruary 12, 2017 4:08 PM UTC

Check those tats on the cop's inside left forearm (visible immediately after he pops Curtis Blow, who was surely a good boy, in church every Sunday, turning his life around and signed up for calculus and physics classes at the local community college.)

Looks like a Nazi helmet skull and bones type thing, with some Chinese characters above it.

"Hans, do you think we might be the baddies?"

Seriously, though, in 8 years in the US military I've never seen that kind of tat on a soldier. Saw one that said S.P.Q.A., though. Also saw some grillz on urban teefuses, which never failed to inspire confidence.

What next, cops with teardrop tats on their cheekbones?