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‘Worth Ridiculing’
The Audacious Epigone on the Online News Revolution

It is nice finding another blogger who sees our current social construct as an evolving hive mind. Keep in mind, that when we read such pieces as this, pointing out that the Alternative Right online media is overtaking the establishment Left, that one U.S. Circuit Court Judge [this was two years ago, perhaps three] has already ruled that alternative media are not protected under the First Amendment, citing government issued press credentials, a physical paper publication and printing house, and other qualification beyond the means of alternative thinkers. I expect, that as soon as the Left gets their next president or next congressional majority, that there will be a definitive move to ban such blogs as the Audacious Epigone, this site, and even giants like Brietbart.

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ShepFebruary 14, 2017 8:13 PM UTC