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To the Dark Side
Masculinist Update

76-year-old man shoots wife in the butt after she refuses sex

Bitch wouldn’t put out. Clearly a breech of contract. Barter Town rules: bust a deal, face the wheel.

Donald Royce, 76, of Lehigh Acres, said he and his wife, Katherine Fivecoat, 62, have not consummated their six-month marriage

Driving Her Husband to the Dark Side of the Force

“Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife.”

– Proverbs 21:19 (NIV)

Interesting post on Alpha Game. So true. As one of the commenters to this blog post pointed out a MAN who nags is called an "emotional abuser”. Another suggested that a real woman could not have written the article cited since what we do know about women is that they are exceedingly solipsistic and thus largely incapable of the self-awareness required to objectively evaluate and self-correct their behavior. He has a point. It would be much more likely for a woman who concludes her nagging is not working to double down (like an SJW) and nag even more, as she cannot conceive a world in which nagging does not compel people to do what she wants. LOL!

She's not helping

“Like Darth Vader, a woman discovers that the more she attempts to control her husband, the more his behavior diverges from that which she desires:”

“Most women discover, too late, that they prefer the man they married to the one they remade according to their imagination. Leave him alone to be who he has always been. You'll like him better.”

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