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'Don't Make Me Kill You, Bitch'
Carjacking becoming a youth 'sport' as numbers climb in Harm City

“Carjackings in Baltimore have more than tripled since 2013, and the number has continued to climb in the first weeks of 2017, at a rate that has far outpaced other auto thefts. Some other U.S. cities are also seeing increases.”

“Law enforcement officers and analysts see several reasons for the spike. Police in Baltimore note that the overwhelming majority of suspects are young men or juveniles, emboldened by the relative ease of the crime, and a belief that if they're caught, the courts will not treat them harshly.”

Watch out for the bump and rob carjacking. This is happening across the country. Dindu juveniles are the most prolific carjackers in the urban centers of the Midwest as well as Harm City.

Jeremy, what is being overlooked is that these carjackings are mostly by blacks against blacks in the city, in order for the thugs to get out into Whitebreadistan and start harvesting white rabbits, often with an additional carjacking.


Carjacking becoming a youth 'sport' as numbers climb

Justin George |

It was still dark at 6 a.m. as Terry Rawlings Sr. guided his cherry-red Acura CL through Southwest Baltimore. He was heading to the gym to lift weights before his shift as a truck driver.

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Thriving in Bad Places

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