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Ed and Amy
The Hunt for Whitey Goes Mobile, 9:45 p.m., Friday, 2/10/17, Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland

Ed and Joyce, a young, married couple, had just returned from a local restaurant in his sedan. Her economy car was left parked in the rear of the house on the parking pad in the alley that serves their compact, majority white, middle class enclave.

Ed and Joyce are not elite spies, have never trained with Jason Bourne, and do not play government assassins on daytime TV, so they neglected to scan their perimeter before parking, before dismounting from their vehicle and again, before ascending the short flight of stairs to their porch, where two innocent, unarmed, oppressed men of the deified and formerly enslaved master race, currently helping their brothers and sisters rise out of poverty by acting as Reparation Recover Agents, overtook them and demanded they hand over their smart phones as well as Ed’s wallet and Amy’s purse. Although one man used a 9-MM handgun as a talking aid, by pointing at the items required for this down payment on utopia, this writer denies the false police accusation that this man was armed, for he did not shoot Ed and did not use the weapon to force sexual favors from Amy.

Ed and Amy are guilty of trust.

The three oppressed black men in the black Nissan—one of whom politely acted as the wheel man—are innocent of the firearms charge as they did not shoot anyone.

Okay, palefaces, wake the fuck up—you are being hunted. Act accordingly. Always check to see if you are being tailed by a team of Reparations Recovery Agents when leaving eateries, bars, entertainment venues and retail locations. If you fail to do this whatever happens is your fault.

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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