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From the Robert E. Howard Lexicon

“…in a welter of battle that crimsoned the frozen snow…”

-Lord of Samarcand

1. wel•ter1



1. literary

move in a turbulent fashion:

 lie steeped in blood with no help or care.


2. a large number of items in no order; a confused mass:

synonyms: confusion • jumble • tangle • mess • hodgepodge •

mishmash • mass

 a state of general disorder:


Middle English (in the sense ‘writhe, wallow’): from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German welteren.




3. short for welterweight. The welterweight division, instituted at the beginning of the gloved era, is thought to have been so-named due to it being a "catch-weight” division where lightweights might challenge middleweights.

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