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‘The Rot of the West’
Brett Stevens - Nihilism: Deconstructing Modernity on Red Ice Radio

‘One In Twenty People Do Just About Everything’

‘Awakened from the Sleep of Modernity’

‘The Bad Thought Process of this Time’

“All knowledge is infected by this understanding we call Modernity, leftism, socialism. When you wake up and discover that everything is lies, everything…”

This is the first definition of hubris that has come forward on the counter culture scene that has gotten to the root of the issue that is the Rot of the West.

I appreciate Brett Stevens’ insights, especially his explanation as to how “death metal” musicians got into the right wing counter culture. This is something I never really considered, regarding most musicians as the cultural equivalent of fast food packaging. This was another smooth interactive interview from Hendrick.

Under the God of Things

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