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Reparations Recovery Agents Foiled by Whitey
Black carjackers in Jackson get shot live on Facebook during chase

I have had my webmaster contact Colin with a link to our Harm City map and he responded back “interesting.”Since he’s a responsible, decent guy who has many cop sources that he doesn’t want to alienate I do not expect him to reply further. I knew I wouldn’t hear from him. I must have used “pig” in the title of a dozen articles! So there goes another chance to put the Baltimore Travel Guide in front of a wider audience.

That said, I love Colin’s work.

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Sam J.February 16, 2017 12:16 AM UTC

I live in the South and have been around Blacks all my life and I can't understand them either. I notice here that their language is veering even further and further away from English. They simultaneously slur or draw their words out in a Southern way but cut their words off instead of finishing them. They're incredibly hard to understand.
BaruchKFebruary 14, 2017 3:07 PM UTC

I couldn't understand what the innocent youths were saying.

In my defense, it's been almost five years since I've lived in a properly enriched environment.

Are they saying anything interesting?