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Tracking with Jonesy

James, too much work to write decent story until end of my rotation. Jonesy, my childhood friend, tracked missing people in the Uintas when lost. He was taught by an old Ute Indian. I have some very good tales I have been saving for hunter gatherer, or where you choose to post them. We only lost one deer in all the years we hunted together, across dry hard ground with surface rock, hard place to find a wounded deer that quit bleeding. He tracked 5 different people, only lost one, he did find a 4-year-old that had wandered away from his mother—good story you need to hear. The kid was hiding from him, made it difficult. Scared children do this when lost.

When I first got married, Jonesy still being single, went hunting in an area kind of remote. We both had hunted this mountain for years. In fact, where he set down to glass, was in a saddle we spotted from so much I can see it in my minds eye. He was eating an apple and dropped it, It came to rest by a old leather boot. He followed the sign uphill, small pieces of cloth, then found what was left of a humerus, went a little more and found the remains of an 18 year old kid that went missing 30 years earlier. My father had hunted the area also, never seeing the kid curled up and dead in a hollowed out spruce tree. A forest fire had went through a year before and disturbed the body making it possible to find the clues to his resting place.

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