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Be A Man
We Know It's Not That Simple Anymore, So Here Are Some Pointers

Watch How You Trim that Mustache

But HE can’t be Hitler. Everyone knows that Trump is Hitler.

'Hitler's double' arrested in Austria

The Perils of being a Health Nut

“Nothing is so bad for the health as excessive care of it.”

-Benjamin Franklin

What was the most incorrect self-diagnosis you've encountered in your practice as a doctor?

Nudity returning to Playboy magazine

So the articles weren’t the hook after all…Hmmm…imagine that? Trying to placate the feminists by doing away with the “exploitive” nude pictures just didn’t sell more subscriptions, did it?

Well the articles in Playboy seldom held my interest either as a young man. “Guns and Ammo” magazine on the other hand I typically read from cover to cover. So personally I would prefer it if Playboy would change its format to “Guns and Naked Women".

In that vein something like “Sports and Naked Women“ would likely sell well, even in today’s PC oppressed market place. The “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue is always that periodical’s biggest selling issue, isn’t it?

'We're taking our identity back and reclaiming who we are'

Like Suds Over a Beer Glass—The Haze of Our Lives

The Onion is steadily becoming less a parody and more of a chronicle of daily life in our country.

Alcoholic’s Plan For Turning Life Around Doesn’t Involve Getting Sober

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