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With News Concerning Our Pending National Divorce

Mugged by Reality - How I Learned About Blacks

“Like I’ve said once or twice, the worst problem with being poor in today’s America is not that you can’t afford to buy enough food, it’s that you can’t afford to get away from other poor people.”

- Steve Sailer

“We Won't Have True Social Justice Until Everything is 'Equal in Everybody's House'”

- Al Sharpton, 05/06/2010


A young black kid asked his mother, mama what's Socialism and what's Racism? "Well son, Socialism is when white folks work every day so we can get all our benefits. You know, like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps, EMC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, free computers and Internet connection, free food, free clothing, free gifts at Christmas, and on and on, you know? That's Socialism".

"But mama, don't the white people get pissed off about that?"

"Sure they do son, that's called Racism!"

•John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.) Brisbane, Australia, Dissecting Leftism BlogSpot.

“Guest”, a commenter to Lili Hun’s post “Endless Culture Clash”,,

left a link to this article at American Renaissance. A fascinating article. Another case of a liberal to moderate white person getting mugged by the reality of urban black behavior. In this case someone who owned rental property in a community that rapidly shifted to majority black population thanks to the federal section eight housing initiative. Obviously this is something a lot of suburban middle class whites have to see to truly believe. How could there really be such a group of people who all acted like that? Again, thanks to section eight more whites are receiving the opportunity to observe such black behavior, up close and personal, on a daily basis. American Renaissance has been running a series of testimonials from whites as to what event or events led those individuals to have their ephinany on race, the realization that the differences between the races are more than skin deep. As a colleague once observed, you know there is a problem when the more you get to know someone the less you like him.

Unfortunately the Obama Administration ruined race relations in America for good and all with its Leftist grievance mongering. Blacks in the aggregate have been taught to blame their lack of success totally on whites and to seek vengeance against “white privilege” in all manner of ways. They have not been encouraged to moderate or restrain their behavior, just the opposite in fact. Whites have grown weary of this. This is one more factor I believe will lead to the eventual breakup of the country. A national divorce if you will.


Jeremy, my take on this is that our hidden race purge—which had me hunted through the streets of Northeast Baltimore last night on my way to the bus stop, a bus stop where I was nearly stranded, because the black bus driver does not like to pick up whites—is going to rip the racial guts out of working America before the liberals even realize they have committed suicide. I hope I live to see liberal white women dragged into the street and gang raped as their male drones are executed and their children sold as sex toys. This is not hyperbole. I am living with the sins committed by my betters and I would see them ripped apart by the hatred they have sown. The problem is not black people, the problem is that black Americans have been taught by white people to hate and to attack other white people, and there is no putting the ebony jinn back in the socialist bottle.

The last time hatred of this kind has been instilled in the hearts of a black underclass was in French San Domingo, by the perverse cruelty of French capitalists and maniacal race politics of French republican reformers. In the end they all got what they deserved: the French were murdered for their sins and their witless murderers were left to wallow in the wreck of a nation they had brought down on their own heads, their descendants cursed to this day by the sins of black puppets and white puppeteers.

Ironically, the common conservative argument that blacks are genetically incapable of living and working in a functional community, simply refuels the liberal mania for instilling entitlement-entwined hatred in the minds of their urban pets, accelerating the cycle, with both sides utterly ignorant of the historical roots of the process they feed. Just as the Left refuse to believe there is a genetic predisposition for dysfunction among these people the Right refuses to admit that there are any environmental factors. These stances are ludicrous. Imagine arguing that a champion athlete can dominate his sport without any natural ability, or without any training whatsoever? These two common all-genetic or all-environmental stances are exactly as ridiculous as this question. Really, you expect me to believe that Tom Brady could win the Superbowl if all he ever did was watch TV? Oh, no, then you must expect me to believe that Labron James could dominate basketball if he had been born an Eskimo and towered all of 5' 4"?

In this way our false political dichotomy curses us to either racial inequity or race war. The politics in America right now are little different from the politics in 1868, when the liberal elite sought to disarm Southern whites and arm Southern blacks to purge those whites not killed in the Civil War and leave their property open for Northern exploitation. Indeed, the president who succeeded Lincoln and sought to follow through with reconciliation, a former escaped servant himself, was hated by high society as much as Trump and faced impeachment.

For the failure of virtually all of its current citizens to read a page of its history, I say that America deserves to be ripped asunder and cast into the waste bin of history. May I see it come to pass.

The article linked below is very nicely done and I recommend taking the time to read it.


How I Learned About Blacks

William Hendershot, American Renaissance, February 10, 2017

America in Chains/Stillbirth of a Nation

Harm City Chinese carry-out owner convicted of shooting outside restaurant

Militant Chinese in Harm City?

He had a thirty-two gun in his pocket for fun…


Jeremy, this likely looking Mongol operates his MSG takeout just up the street from the scene of our latest high-profile police-involved shooting.


Fu Tan sentenced to three years in prison, with half suspended

Updated: 9:12 AM EST Feb 14, 2017

Ron Snyder

Digital Editor


A Chinese carry-out owner in Baltimore was sentenced to three years in prison with half of it suspended after he shot a man last February.

Fu Tan also received two years of supervised probation after a judge convicted him for reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm within city limits for shooting an innocent bystander who was leaving Tan’s restaurant on Feb. 14, 2016.

Prosecutors said Tan was having a dispute over a food order with several customers when he chased after them outside and opened fire, hitting an innocent bystander.

Tan was initially charged with attempted-murder and assault. However, a jury was deadlocked on that charge, forcing a mistrial.

"We will continue to be resolute in our efforts to seek justice for victims of crime, and to send a strong example to those who practice street justice," Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Melba Saunders said.

Man, 63, arrested in connection to west Baltimore shooting

Fu Tan charged with 1st degree-attempted murder

Updated: 4:25 PM EST Feb 16, 2016

Police make arrest in Horseshoe Casino shooting

The Peoples Republic of Maryland gets 60% of the house take for this joint, which has done nothing but provide additional crime opportunities where once trash blew solemnly across vacant lots...

Joseph Jennings, 27, faces attempted murder charges

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Jeremy BenthamFebruary 17, 2017 7:23 PM UTC

James, again we “right-wingers” get it that Baltimore, like Haiti, is a special socio-pathological case. We get it that the institutionalized police brutality imposed on blacks in Baltimore for over a century has inspired a deep and abiding hatred for whites in the city's black community at large. How could it be otherwise? Now as you say the people guilty of creating this situation have fled the scene; they have retired elsewhere and are not forced to suffer the consequences of their actions. It's not surprising to us that Harm City’s denizens in the 20th Century were just as cruel and rapacious as their slave master and pirate ancestors in the 17th through the 19th Century were. Again how could it be otherwise? But once again you are conflating what happened in Baltimore with conditions in the rest of the country. Stop that. What we are experiencing in the Mid-west is that even in those states where blacks were never enslaved and/or mistreated as they were in Baltimore, they STILL commit crime at the same levels they do in Harm City. Take Milwaukee, Wisconsin as an example. Wisconsin was a free state from the beginning, the Republican Party was founded in Rippon, WI on an anti-slavery platform, there was never racial segregation in Wisconsin, and no black people were ever lynched in Wisconsin in the entire history of the state. There were very few blacks living in Milwaukee until the great migration during World War II. Frank Paul Zeidler, Milwaukee’s last Socialist Party mayor 1948-1960, invited blacks from the segregationist South to settle in Milwaukee. Once they arrived in Milwaukee they were able to take advantage of Wisconsin’s generous welfare benefits. So today Milwaukee zip code 53206 has more welfare recipients living within its borders than any other zip code in the entire U.S. of A. Did the black people who settled in Milwaukee show any gratitude over the years for the humane treatment they received in Milwaukee compared to other parts of the country? Not only no, but hell no! They brought all their grievances from everywhere else with them to Milwaukee and promptly blamed the whites in the city for their conspicuous lack of success. To make a long story short Milwaukee today is a black gangster’s paradise, just like Baltimore. It is a murder and carjack city with no end in sight. I must confess though that part of the problem might arise from the fact that for years Milwaukee was filled with people of central European ancestry, like your own Lili Hun, who would scold people for acting in an inconsiderate manner in public. Of course black people regard such behavior on the part of whites as indicative of racial animus. Naturally this led to conflict and accusations of mistreatment whenever whites tried to correct the behavior of blacks.
Jeremy BenthamFebruary 17, 2017 1:21 PM UTC

James, Haiti is obviously an interesting and particularly awful case study. It was a first and foremost a slave revolt, like Spartacus Third Servile War 73 - 71 B.C., so it’s no surprise to me that the slaves in Haiti sought bloody revenge against their former masters, or anybody who looked like them. I sure would have. Back in the 1960's the segregationists (all Democrats) tried to tell us "right-wing" Republicans that black people had been content being slaves in the Old South. To that we promptly threw the bullshit flag, as we could not imagine that ANY group of people in the main would be content being slaves. You’re putting words in us right winger’s mouths James. Although I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that where you live the “right-wingers” you’ve spoken to over the years were/are different in their attitudes from those of us in the Heartland. So your Haiti analogy doesn’t not connect with us “right-wing” Americans simply because WE ARE NOT FRENCH. We don’t think we’re capable of acting the way the French act, even if we wanted to. So it’s no surprise to us the French made an awful mess of Haiti, as they’ve made a mess of most everything else they’ve set their hand to. For example, since 1789 the brand new USA has had one form of national government, while ancient France has had 17. The only thing that seems to hold France together is the fact that French people prefer to live where only French is spoken. So right-wing Americans are not going to accept any comparison to the French any more than anyone is likely to convince you, James that boxing ought to be abolished because it’s cruel, dangerous and stupid. Nothing good can come from allowing people to repeatedly hit each other in the head with their fists, can’t you see that? Now we right-wingers have come to understand that the current race war is really just one part of a civil war between us Conservative, Christian, English-speaking whites and our white Leftist ruling elite. Black criminals are being used by the white Leftist “Deep State” as proxy warriors to harass their political opponents, namely middle and working class whites. We get that, or at least we are waking up to that. At the same time we also notice that blacks in the aggregate are not reluctant proxy warriors in this conflict. They do not question their role in all of this. They do not appear to need much encouragement to attack whites. THEY are the perfect jingoistic myrmidon. Like nearly every Special Forces soldier I ever met told me: they enjoy what they get to do in the Special Forces so much they’d do it for nothing. Oh, and most of them hate the regular Army too.
responds:February 17, 2017 3:50 PM UTC

Jeremy, at this point the Dark Children of the State are bred to attack whites, like the man-eating Cuban hounds Leclerc was sending away for while he died from yellow fever.

But all of those Baltimore cops, in the 50s, 60s and 70s, who randomly night sticked any black man, in front of his friends and families, for no reason other than to let them know who was boss—they planted the seed that sprouted into the mindless carnivore that has been set on us in this town.

Where are those cops now?

I have personally known three of them and interviewed others who guiltily side-stepped the question.

The ones that are still with us are collecting pensions in Florida or out in their suburban retreat, taken care of for life, for a job well done, for training the hounds that have taught their spawn to hate me and hunt me for the color of my skin.
ShepFebruary 16, 2017 8:23 PM UTC

The whole first essay is solid gold. The analogy to Haiti is right on target.
responds:February 17, 2017 6:40 AM UTC

Shep,I took a lot of time reading Lothrop Stoddard's French Revolution in San Domingo, and, having read military articles on various campaigns there, and being a big pirate nerd, had a good idea of he context. What horrified me the most, is that the professional historian that did the intro and every Rightwing American that read this book and commented on it totally missed Stoddard's point on causation and also missed Stoddard's purely materialistic worldview. Stoddard came from an age in America that the only thing that mattered more than race was money and resource extraction. He named Colonial Haiti a "jewel" of human achievement, and though he dutifully lists all of the many sins of man in cultivating this "jewel" he chalks them up as mistakes, almost entirely overlooking the festering evil that created the shinning jewel, missing the moral point entirely—which makes him a flagship modernist. His work was a moral datamine exactly because he was morally blind.

And what do modern readers make of this: either that he was a racist [left] of that his book stands as evidence that blacks are always genetically doomed to the most extreme violence—that blacks "suck" even though the blacks he wrote about were the moral creation of the French. And know one will equate the U.S. and Haiti in this way—so Stoddard's work is unappreciated even by those who reprinted it and laud him as an icon.