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30 Goats and 7 Cows!
Mob Kills Eloped Lovers After Storming Afghan Police Station

Hey the groom paid her father 30 goats and seven cows for the wench. The she runs off on him with some other dude. That would piss anybody off.

“An armed mob that included relatives of a young woman who had eloped with her lover stormed a police station holding the couple in eastern Afghanistan over the weekend, then dragged the lovers off and killed them, officials and witnesses said.”

“The mob wounded three police officers, one of them seriously, the officials and witnesses said Sunday and Monday in providing accounts of the couple’s violent deaths, often called honor killings.”

“The woman, Fatiha, 18, was described as having been married against her will and eloping instead with a young man, Hedayatullah, believed to be in his early 20s, from a neighboring village in Wama District of Nuristan Province. But on Saturday the police caught and arrested the couple on suspicion of adultery.”

“Within hours an armed mob formed at the police station, led by Fatiha’s husband and his family, but also including her brothers and cousins, the officials and witnesses said.”

Mob Kills Eloped Lovers After Storming Afghan Police Station

Dindustan International

- Winnipeg Bus Driver Stabbed to Death by Passenger.

Vibrant multiculturalism. Canadian Cities are becoming as dangerous as American cities.

“As police reviewed security footage and tried to sort through a reason for the attack, members of the transit community said the case highlighted the need for better protections for bus operators.”

Slain Winnipeg bus driver worked nights so he could help look after granddaughter

Ontario Detective Claimed Overtime While Watching Child Porn in Evidence Vault

From the “it’s so hard to find good help these days“ department…he was reviewing the evidence no doubt.

Detective claimed OT while watching child porn

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