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This ends the entries for A Well of Heroes: Two
Literary Impressions of the Prose and Verse of Robert E. Howard
The major work in Volume Three will be Howard's third largest work, his 96-page novella Three-Bladed Doom, featuring El Borak.
Thank you for sharing my interest in Robert E. Howard.
A Well of Heroes
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deuceFebruary 19, 2017 1:47 AM UTC

This is my favorite El Borak yarn.

Make sure to also read the short version. REH wrote it second/last, cutting out a lot. However, he did _add_ a very interesting bit of data toward the end concerning the roots of the Assassin/Hidden Ones cult, pulling the tale in a bit of a fantasy direction. I liked it, myself. It tends to square with some of the Andrew Collins stuff in FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS.

Of course, we have the deja vu/reincarnation moment in the first version.